Are you worried about social media automation? There is no need to worry as there are powerful social media automation tools which work for you.

You can erase all your thoughts about the social media activities. No need to struggle hard to complete your social engagements every day. Even if you had a small doubt that your posts are repetitively published on social networks, You can keep all the things aside and enjoy the cool IFTTT app which works much better than you.

IFTTT is an IF then this that solution for you. It is a free gateway to all your apps and devices to talk with each other. By using this IFTTT app you need to just turn on what you like and it will make the things happen for you.

For example if you want to walk up early in the morning, reminds you about meetings, occasions, Just you can build a smart home with it.

Beyond this it is also helpful for the bloggers for automatic publishing of the posts. With the IFTTT app, you can connect all the apps and devices work together.

In general, many people use plugins for the social media automation. But here I will show the best method where no plugins are required. All you need to do is create an account on the website. You can get the account for free. IFTTT is integrated with all the social media networks like other plugins such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

Social media automation using IFTTT(If Then This That)

Do you remember that in your high school section you might probably learning about the statements such as if then to solve the numerical problems. In College levels, you had used the if-then statements in programming languages to solve them to arrive at a logical decision.

Example for if then, if you study well, you will get good percentage.

Similarly to the schooling or college level logic, IFTTT is used to solve or automate all the web-based activities. By creating the series of conditional statements it will automate the given tasks accordingly. This IFTTT website will really put the internet to work.

To start using the services you need to create the free account on the IFTTT. Once the account is activated you can automate the web-based tasks any number of times. It is available for free of cost and you can enjoy its features from the first day of account creation itself.

Before going in deep with the IFTTT, you need to learn a little bit about the applets.


Applets are the small performing programs which will perform one or more specific tasks. It executes the functions or tasks one after the other in a systematic manner. You can observe the same thing in IFTTT where you need to create an applet based on certain logical conditions.

In this IFTTT website you can see the hundreds of applets for you and you need to search the required applets which fit.

social media automation

If you are not satisfied with the already made applets you can also create your own applets too. By using the IFTTT you can create an applet which helps to post your content automatically on the social media networks such as Facebook.

  • For creating new app lets you need to go to MY Applets and then click create new applet.

social media automation

  • Click on the +this option as shown in the below image.

social media automation

  • Next you need to choose a service i.e blogging or website platform. You can select any of the service available. Here I am going to select WordPress as I build my website on this platform.

social media automation

  • After selecting the platform for your social media automation you need to select the trigger option.

social media automation

  • You can select the first trigger i.e Any New Post.
  • Next,it will ask you if there is a new post then what to do.
  • Now select the action area i.e Facebook, if there is a new post it should be automatically posted on it.
  • Next thing you need to do is select you action on Facebook i,e create link post.

social media automation

Next fill the necessary details and click save to create the applet for doing social media automation.

social media automation

Now your applet is ready which will post your latest post on the Facebook network automatically.

Before you need to create the applet it asks you to provide the access to the WordPress and Facebook accounts. You need to provide access only for the first time only.

Besides this IFTTT had many features and helps in automating things such as:

  • Remind you to drink water.
  • Wishes on your birthday.
  • Reminds you about any occasions or parties.

A few points to be noted:

  • Applets not only work for the old posts but also for the newly published posts.
  • It takes nearly 30 minutes to publish your new posts on the social networks.
  • The created applet should be active also to auto post your posts to the social networks.