For any website to achieve its goals depends on the web traffic. We all know that users can use different means of channels to visit your website. If you are very much excited to know where your visitors have come from by taking advantage of google analytics.

Yes, if you want to each and every prospect of your visitor this can be done only by tracking. This helps you to know from which sources the visitors had come from, frequent visits to that page, and you can evaluate how they find your website on Google. By considering the visitors location, interests you can elaborate the content ideas or show them the products of their interest whenever they revisit. In this way there will be more chances for enhancement of your website progress.

In this blog post we are going to discuss how the lead source tracking in google analytics helps the website owners to know their visitors or customers interests.

First of all we discuss what is the reason to track the website traffic sources.

Reasons behind to track the website traffic sources:

Well,guys there are plenty of reasons that you should know why a website owner uses the tracking option in order to locate their target audience.

  • Tracking helps to understand the visitors better than before and target them with their interests and right messages.
  • It helps in evaluation of the marketing campaigns, and can measure its effect by evaluating the traffic generated from different sources.
  • You can identify from which media platform more visitors are coming to your website and concentrate on that part to get good results.
  • You can come up with new content ideas by checking the traffic from the different pages of the website.
  • You can easily identify which channel lacks the performance in attracting the visitors and then start optimizing that channel to drive better output.

If you really want to know where your web traffic is coming. Here I am going to discuss how to track website traffic from various sources.

How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

With the help of Google analytics many people are finding it hard as it requires some coding setting to customize in the website theme. The people who are well proficient in analytics can find the perfect report and fetch the information to make better sound decisions.

All your things come handy and easy for the website owners to view their traffic sources or visitors interests through the most adorable platform i.e the Monsterinsights. It is the perfect WordPress plugin for analyzing the analytics of the website.You can easily navigate through the analytics section even without any prior knowledge in this part.

With the help of the Monsterinsights plugin you can add google analytics to your website and view the reports in your WordPress dashboard.Once you installed the monsterinsights plugin you can easily go through the reports.

Now let’s check how to track the web traffic for the websites.

Overview performance of the website:

First go to the insights>>reports>>Overview.In this section, you can get through the entire performance of the website such as device breakthrough i.e it is how much percentage form desktop, mobile and tablet users. Next You can get through the top 10 countries from which your website gets visitors, based on that data, you can create marketing campaigns in that particular region with the promotional messages and emails.

In the next step you can get through the top 10 referral reports i.e the websites from which you get more traffic and create partnership programs with those websites and grow your revenue and web traffic ultimately.

Suppose if your website gets a lot of organic traffic and i order to determine which keywords are ranked for. You can simply rely on one of the attractive features of the Monsterinsights i.e search console report. With this you can know the top 50 Google search terms of your website along with CTR, clicks, impressions, and average positions as well.Since those keywords helped to get more traffic , you can get some similar or relevant keywords to generate more traffic and also create new content ideas using those keywords in order boost value to your website and increase the traffic.

By chance, if you had an ecommerce store, monsterinsights is the perfect match for you to know your target audiences. With the help of monsterinsights ecommerce reports you can easily know the top conversion sources for your websites. As most of the traffic is coming from those websites, you can attract them by offering instant discount deals to generate more income.

In the real time report, one can view the real stats of the visitors. It shows where your visitors are coming from. You can also see the referral source, countries and cities that are on your WordPress website.

How to track website traffic from Google Analytics?

While MonsterInsights provides user-friendly reports within your dashboard, you shouldn’t need to exit your site. Because what and you’ll see where all the traffic in Google Analytics comes from?

There are plenty of allegations that you can use to track traffic sources on the website. Needing said that, it’s also very possible to lose yourself.

To reveal the important stats, login into your Google analytics account, go to Acquisition>>All traffic>>Channels.By this you can know which channels are driving more traffic and in the source /medium section, you will be taken to the source of traffic along with the channel details.Similar to that of viewing the traffic sources for entire website, you can see the traffic sources for particular pages as well. 

Just login to your Google analytics account, just navigate to behavior>>Site you need to select whether to view the complete performance of a specific page.


In the above blog post, I think you have gained good knowledge in analyzing the traffic sources of the website. Moreover for any web owners these metrics are vital to enhance their website performance.