Well, for any company to run its digital projects require the digital tools which market their product. It is the responsibility of the company digital project manager to manage and look after the ongoing digital projects in their agency. He should intellectually think before using the digital tools in their projects.

With the help of digital tools, one can easily facilitate communication to a great extent. It also establishes a good CRM i.e customer relationship management and project management solutions for their company. In order to run your digital projects successfully the first thing, you need to set up your goal with a perfect marketing digital project manager. He should be solely responsible to tackle the functionalities in the company.

As digital marketing renowned as the company reputation, one should be very focused to select the right tool for their business. It is a very daunting process to select the perfect project management software for your business. You need to find out the tool with powerful features which is a risky process. A good project management software is how good or best you can execute your projects by identifying challenges and constraints etc.

Here I am going to give you 5 tips to choose the perfect digital tools.


  • Do a strong research on the digital tools:

One should do a strong research on the tools available before picking up the one. It is an important factor to decide the best digital tool for your digital projects. First, you need to check out the requirement for your business. The tool can be a CRM or project management program or a help desk to solve the queries. You need to figure out the digital tools required for your project.

Once you had decided your tool now it’s the time to check how user friendly, functionality and features list etc. What are the service plans, budgets and reviews of other customers using this tool. Also, check whether this tool we help you to grow your company revenue and reputation. You need to check the flexibility nature of the tool.

  1. Calculate and justify the cost you imposed on the project:

You need to check whether the productivity benefits of this tool will outweigh your time and money spend on this tool or not. If not you need to go for another alternative tool. Before diving into a new tool you need to calculate the cost and time spend on the tool. You need to calculate the cost of buying and implementing software your business versus the cost of not having them.

  1. Check Up with the trial version of the top digital tools:

Now you need to go with the free or trial version of the few or top selected tools. Try out each of the tools and see how they perform. By doing so you can get a better idea of how they are assessed and the tool fits your requirement or not. Also, check it is user friendly and easy adoptable by everyone in the company. The tool which best fits your need and usability is likely to be your choice.

By doing this you can definitely save time and spend your money wisely. Enjoy the free version as you know that there are limited features in free then ultimately you need to go for the paid for better output.

  1. Now train up your team with the selected tool:

Once you are ready with the digital tool you need to train your team with the tool. You need to provide all the resources required for the team to handle with the selected tool. You should make your team members will familiarize to use the tool by conducting many training sessions.

  1. Get Feedback and implement the plan:

After training your team with the tool you need to get feedback from them. Check whether it really helps them to solve the problems very effectively than previous. It’s the responsibility of the project managers to outline the integration of implementation of the software in their project. He should draw a plan to integrate it into their daily work flows.

The above stated are the few tips to be considered while selecting the right digital tool for their agency. It’s the sole responsibility of the digital project manager to come up with the best digital tools for their digital projects. In order to run your agency smoothly, you can check out the following link. The best marketing digital project management software in 2018 with full details and screenshots as well.


It would be really great and awesome, if you find out the perfect marketing project management software that can handle everything in your company. The above mentioned marketing project management software tools had the capability to do everything and replace with other existing SaaS tools.