I can say that content is the king which rules all the disciplines in its sector. But an effective way of content writing doesn’t matter if you won’t do proper search engine visibility for your content. For each and every piece of content to go viral building proper SEO structure for your content should be must.

Well, as a blogger you might had come across the multiple search engines like bing, Yahoo,Google all these websites will show how your website ranked in the search results by considering the social media as the important factor. Your blog SEO strategy can be increased to great heights if your presence and activities on the social media are excellent. The social media marketing for your content describes your SEO strategy to a great extent.

If you are not still aware of what’s happening around you website search engine.

Don’t worry be alert and continue reading to gather a few information on how to leverage social media presence for the best SEO.

3 major skills required to social media marketing strategy for SEO:

In order to increase your search engine rankings you need to leverage the social media accounts and manage them properly.

Here I am going to explain in brief about how to social media marketing strategy for better SEO.

1. Social media marketing strategy for SEO through Link Building

Many of the researchers gave a brief note on the social media for SEO can be leveraged through an effective link building process. Social media presence helps to foster relationship ad increase your SEO efforts.Social sharing giving credibility and trustworthiness to your content.Brands can increase their visibility in the SERPs.

With the help of link building on the all the social platforms like twitter, facebook, Google+, youtube will help to unite the brands Social Media marketing and SEO efforts.

You need to put strong efforts to build links strong for your business identity. You need to target the fellow business owners or groups, individuals who are similar in niche as of yours on the social media channels. After finding out the right persons for your business you need to tell them about promotion of your website, let know whether they are interested in it, how it benefits their audience with the offers you shown. Give them clear idea about the benefit they get.

With your offers you need to make them to include your link in one of their blog posts thereby supporting your link building campaign.

Google+ serves as the fastest growing social media network in today. You need to incorporate the keywords in your profile as Google will pick up the naturally occurring keywords. The verified content which is posted on the Google+ profile page will be combined with the consistently publishing posts and reminds the Google about your content. It helps the Google rank higher your website in the relevant searches.

Similarly as that of Google+ you can start link building through other social media networks such as facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

2. Build the Social Content Which shared By all:

Well, building the a large network of links is really a long bedrock for the SEO. IF you link to the more websites the more trust will be gained which will benefit in the eyes of Google and search engines. Here the Social media is a very option to build quality and infinite links for your long term or small business.

When developing the articles for the readers try to think beyond the possibilities. Use some instructional videos or infographics for better exposure. You can create the e-books where people find it very easy to download. Always try to update and be smart in social media channels and presence.As it brings more likes and shares for your content.

You should create the content in such a way that it should be informative , inspirational and people really love it to share their friends or others. Make sure the link placed in the content described.

3. Provide the optimized meta tags and descriptions

Yeah, now coming to the point while writing the content be alert on putting right meta titles and descriptions because they tell the audience or the people what you are going to describe or state them in a simple and easier manner. So the meta titles should be short and optimized for teh search engines. Whenever a web page of your website is displayed in the search results, the user looks after the meta title and it’s description. The same meta title and description holds when your post on the social media networks as well.

The point is that you need to make or create an effective piece of metadata for every piece of content you are going to share. The key for SEO strategy is not on focusing for more keywords it’s about focusing on quality content. An optimized meta tags plays an important role in the SEO. Your meta tags are first interaction with the new potential buyers of your website. The meta titles should eb 65 characters and the meta description should be 150 characters in length for effectiveness.
Here comes a few benefits of SEO from the huge activity of social media presence.

Benefits of SEO for small businesses.

It is well know fact that SEO is the important factor to be considering for any website to reach top in the search engines. It took long time but helps many of the small business in terms of accuracy, speed load time, robustness and user friendly to rank best in search engines. Ranking higher in search engines results will help to get back potential and qualified customers to the websites which in turn uplift the conversion rates as well.

If your website is SEO optimized then it will be trusted by the search engines thereby gaining more traffic to the website.

1. Helps the users to design friendly websites:

If you leverage social media for better SEO definitely you can find impeccable results. As SEO does a great part in designing the user friendly websites. SEO is not only about the optimizing the website but also stands out in presenting a wonderful user satisfaction and experience. However well structured and SEO optimized websites will drive qualified leads and customers in a long run.

2. Gain more customers:

Well, with the help of the better SEO for a website you can gain more trust flow and increase in visitor count. The businesses websites should be well optimized to get more customers and ever speed increase in it’s growth. A proper establishment of Social media for your business will drive the exact leads for your business.

3. Increase your conversion rates:

Social media marketing for any website will increase the conversion rates to a great extent. If you website is SEO optimized then it loads fast in the search engines thereby you can enjoy a decent customer base to your website. If the navigation of your website is easy then there will be increase in the number of visitors. It will radically increase the conversions and lifts up your profit graphs.

4. Build your brand identity and awareness:

If your website gets good ranking in SERPs results then your brand awareness will definitely increased. If your keywords are ranking among the top page on majority of the search engines then there will be increase in the trust flow to your website. So small business should build their identity with the long tail keywords. However social media marketing services are best to create awareness about your brand among multiple users at one scale.


SEO is the only technique for your website to rank best which should be never ignored. So you need to come up with new social media marketing strategy techniques to boost your SEO performances. Social media marketing and SEO for a website are two different strategies but on coming these two one can drive qualified and best results for any business or websites.

It’s the time to integrate your social media and your SEO sections together and see how trustworthy the results are. Social media helps in improving not only your organic search rankings but also it provides other benefits where your businesses can be leveraged.

Well, if you had any more ideas and techniques where social media can help the SEO efforts I would love to hear from the comments section .