Facebook messenger chatbots or messenger bots are the #1 growth marketing channel for the next 10 years of industry. As a online marketing strategy or marketer one looks for more reach, leads and more conversions etc. The challenges in 2018 such as the steady increase in Facebook ad costs to regain engagement and reach with facebook users had driven to use the new messenger technology. Use of facebook chatbots for digital marketing to grow the audiences count, drive traffic and users interaction,. You need to simply add the facebook messenger automation to your facebook marketing strategy.

Chatbots are the one which provides more flexibility to automate the tasks without any human interference. One can do the tasks or perform the job in a more reliable and secure manner without any intervention. Over the time being the bots are considered as the vital because they stipulate the better customer service and growing interaction between the customers and service providers.

By the use of facebook chatbots the online marketing turned out to be very easy for every marketers. As they are able to drive good results on using it. The facebook chatbots are nothing but embedding humans smart in machines using the artificial intelligence techniques.

The facebook chatbots are considered to be the new level of tool for the marketers in order leverage with the growing competition in the market.

The founder of Facebook i.e the Zuckerberg in 2016 announced that they can use the messenger platform to create their own chatbots. Since the time onwards there had been rapid increase in the use of bots came into existence. Particularly in the social media online marketing strategy these chatbots performed the main role. It’s function is always to improve the real time user engagement and to provide prompt and ready relies to the comments and queries.

The messenger bots are designed in such a way to answer the comments and queries without any human interaction. This way of online marketing helps to build strong relationship with the customers thereby avoiding high pay of costs to the staff.

The messenger platform is very good option to create your desired chatbots.

How Facebook chatbots helps in marketing?

With the help of the messenger bots, facebook allows the brands to connect with their potential customers very easily which is an emerging technique in the field of advertising. The main reason or the intention to launch the messenger bots is to connect all the people directly to the business to provide strong customer interaction and user experiences. Many bots had been developed using the messenger and many built their own bots using the tools offered by the Facebook. The Facebook helps to assist you directly or indirectly to automate the interactions between the businesses i.e brand and the users or customers.

Chatbots also helps in the e-commerce industry in terms of security ,management and customer engagement. The self service and automation are the main elements for the e-commerce platforms, the use of chatbots is the best option. With the Facebook chatbots one can get the convenient, contextual and in control user engagements. They help you to save your time and reduce the cost. These bots help your business to reach to a greater extent or large crowds .

The ability of the use of chatbots with facebook messenger is an unique benefit for the companies to grow their business on a large scale. Because it speaks conversationally with the customers. The bots alleviate the pressure on your business by responding instantly to the customers.

Reasons why online marketers use the facebook chatbots?

  • Facebook Messenger chatbot smashes the new feed algorithm reach and is considered as the worthy process in as it delivers more click rate for your business or brands.
    • The facebook ads that are processes or send through the messenger chatbots are able to get 4* to 50* times better click rates. Because most of the facebook users are on mobile than desktop. Tagretting the users about the business in the form ads is very easy. You can gain more visibility with potential customers. It also handles and keep the record of the customers in the messenger platform to contact directly. It helps to target the anonymous users to the website.
    • You know that email marketing will help you to build the email list and you can blast messages to your contacts to grow your brand awareness. But with the help of chat blasting messages you are able to get higher rates of traffic than email marketing. On the facebook messenger you can blast chat messages to specific messages.
    • With Facebook chatbots are used to grow your contact list.It provides 24/7 chatbot availability. When you set Facebook post autoresponder it enables the chatbot to everyone to comment on your posts.
    • Facebook messenger chatbots are used to build seamlessly the question and answer triggers. The q and A triggers enable to configure the chat based on the keywords and search queries. It also helps to get sign ups for an webinar or seminars etc.
    • If the question asked by the customer is too complex where the chatbot cannot handle the love operator can take and answer the chat.
    • Facebook messenger chatbots are built without any coding. There is no need for the developer to create the code for the bots. It’s really a worthy look for your business built with messenger bots.


    Well, moreover the messenger bots are positioned to reform the customer and brand interactions. An company or business using the chatbots had the assess to gain the customer insights. The more insights they are getting, the more traffic they are getting then the more leads or sales. This is the best option when compared with other applications to drive more reach or leads to your online marketing strategy.

    However the companies which uses the messenger bots are likely to experience a good customer engagement and lead generations for their business.