What mostly focus on website conversion rates?

The quality of the products and services which capture the buyer’s attention on your website. You need to figure out what your customers need. You need to communicate with your audience to achieve the most. Audience with different kinds of perception so you need to identify and analyze them.

It is quite natural you might be familiar with some of your audience and some not at all. In such cases, you need to gather the list of the unnoticed audience and try to communicate with them.

To be more perspective, there are many research models or methods to gather the audience for your website conversions. This means you need to focus on some groups based on their ideal knowledge, interests, and perception etc. By doing this you can easily get through the insights of your targeted audience on a huge base.

The audience is categorized into several distinct characters based on income, religion, age, sex, and profession. You need to know your audience for better website conversion rates.

Here is the list of various research methods to know your customer’s attention.

  • Surveys: By conducting surveys which are distributed throughout the social media will help to know and analyze your customer’s needs. So prepare the accurate survey forms and distribute through all the networks for better output.
  • Interviews: Yeah an interview can help you to gather the data, it is a face to face interaction between you and your customer. The interview can be either through the phone call, online and or in the direct person to person.
  • Focus Groups: As a researcher, you need to focus on the relevant groups with some questions.
  • Observation: Through the close observation of your customer you can pin data accordingly.

You need to segment the audience based on some characteristics which can help in new and repeat visitors, geography, behavioural targeting, and conversion basis. The conversion rate optimization helps in determining your goals and check out whether your business yields a profit or not. You should measure the user experience because it is the visitor’s attitude towards your website.

You need to create the funnels of the visitors and check out their optimum conversion levels. An e-commerce website funnels include the following sections of fields.

  • Website homepage
  • Product category Page
  • A Product page
  • A Cart page
  • payment page

Whenever you are landed into the landing pages you can get through the lead generation and click-through pages. By properly checking the bounce rate i.e you can check with the number of visitors who reach your landing page and returns back without any order. You will be notified with those visitors and you can cross-check with them.

A higher bounce rate can be observed in case of single-page websites, slow loading of the pages, bombarding visitors with offers, relevant content, filling long forms and the messy page with a lot of image etc. In such cases, you will experience the high bounce rate with hides your website conversion rates. So you need to check with them before promoting the products on your website.

How you can reduce this bounce rate?

With the help of some efforts and strategies, you can reduce the bounce rate. You need to set the realistic expectations, attract relevant traffic, you need to create multiple landing pages with targeted keywords, well-organized layout, and design, improved usability nature, by increasing page load time and avoiding unrelated pop-ups in the website.

By fetching the insights of your website you need to compare the different campaigns with the conversion rates and traffic or visitors for that particular campaign.

How to gain web visitors with the conversion rate optimization technique?


Coming to the conclusion optimization process is cyclic and strategic. But here is a room for improvement always and all the time. If you plan properly you can generate good website conversion rates. Even without spending a single rupee on marketing your products you can earn good profits. Just put your brain work and check, analyze your customer’s needs and then go accordingly. Ultimately success is yours.