Days are gone when we use the SMS text message option to send messages. The popular Android mobile applications like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram and other apps have already taken place of traditional SMS text messages as they are easy to use, comes with more options (voice, video photos, file sharing) and free of cost over the internet.

The Internet is truly changing the way of communication and making it very easy day-to-day. Today we have even Android apps which allow you to chat with the strangers free of cost. If you don’t know much about these free chat online Android apps, then you should check out our following list of 7 best free chat apps of 2018. These apps will allow you to chat online with your friends, family and even with the strangers to make new friends worldwide.

1 – Facebook Messenger:

Starting our list with the world most downloaded Android chat application which is also called Facebook chat messenger. Facebook chat messenger has all the maximum chatting options which you wish to enjoy in one Android app. This app also comes with the option to start a secret conversation which is completely encrypted.

2 – Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is also world most used free chat app for Android and iOS users. It has introduced the new way of chatting with friends on the basis of their phone numbers. Other than sending photos and videos, you can also share location, live location and even documents with your contacts. This app also allows you to create free chat groups.

3 – Telegram:

Telegram is not just a mobile chat application but it works on desktop platforms too. Its chat is secured with 256-bit encryption. Like Whatsapp, you can also create a group in Telegram but with more freedom as this app allow creating a group with even 100,000 people with no restrictions.

4 – Snapchat:

Snapchat is one of the most popular free chat apps which is more popular among the youngsters. The main reason which makes this app popular is its new concept of chatting. Other than just sending text messages, you can chat with a friend by sending photos only. Snapchat is also popular due to its funny photo and video filters.

5 – IM+

Are you tired to deal with your contacts and account on different applications which allow you to send free messages? If yes, then IM+ is a great solution for you. Other than just sending the message to your IM+ contact, you can also use this free online chat app to send messages on ICQ, Facebook, Live, Google, Twitter, and AIM contacts.

6 – Badoo:

If you are interested to chat with strangers around the world or on the basis of your location, then Badoo is a great free chat online android app of 2019 to use. It is one of the fastest-growing applications at the moment due to its safety features. People do not just use it for the free chat but for dating purpose too.

7 – Line:

The line allows you to make a free video, voice calls and send free messages whenever and wherever. One feature which makes it different from the above mentioned free app is the stickers. This app has hundreds of free stickers to make the chat more interesting.