In today’s digital age, a  free business email address is not just a means of communication but a vital component of establishing professionalism and credibility in the corporate world.

Imagine receiving an email from a potential client or partner; their first impression of your business often begins with your email address. For instance, would you trust an email from “[email protected]” as much as “[email protected]”? The latter exudes professionalism and signifies that the sender is serious about their business.

In this blog, we will go through how to create a free business email account with gmail in detail.

What is a Business Email Address?

A business email address is an email account that uses your own domain name (e.g., rather than a generic one like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. It typically follows the format of “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”. 

This personalized touch not only enhances your brand identity but also builds trust and credibility among clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Importance of Business Email Account:

Having a business email address is crucial for several reasons:

  • Professionalism: A business email using your own domain name projects a professional image and builds credibility for your brand.
  • Branding: It reinforces your brand identity every time you send an email, helping to establish brand recognition.
  • Security: Business email providers often offer better security features (e.g., encryption, spam filters) than free personal email services.
  • Control: You have control over your email accounts and data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and company policies.
  • Consistency: Using consistent email addresses (e.g., [email protected]) makes it easier for recipients to recognize and remember your employees.

How to Create a Free Business Email Address in Minutes Using SiteGround?

Creating a free business email address with SiteGround is quick and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and startups looking to establish a professional online presence without breaking the bank.

  • Sign Up for SiteGround: Begin by signing up for SiteGround’s hosting services. SiteGround offers reliable hosting solutions with excellent customer support, making it a popular choice among entrepreneurs.
  • Choose a Domain Name: During the signup process, you can either register a new domain name (e.g., or use an existing one if you already own a domain. 

Here I already have a domain name so I am using it to generate a free business email account.

free business email address

  • Set Up Your Business Email Address: Once you’ve registered or chosen your domain name, navigate to SiteGround’s cPanel (control panel) and locate the Email section. From there, you can create your business email accounts using your domain name, such as “[email protected]”.

Just enter the account name and password to generate the free business email account instantly.

free business email account

  • Accessing Your Email: You can access your business email accounts directly through SiteGround’s webmail interface or configure them to be synced with Gmail for easier management.

How to Configure or Sync Free Business Email with Gmail

Syncing your free business email with Gmail allows you to manage all your emails in one place, providing convenience and efficiency. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enable IMAP Access: First, ensure that IMAP access is enabled for your business email account in SiteGround’s cPanel. IMAP allows Gmail to fetch emails from your business email server.
  • Add Your Business Email to Gmail:


  • Open Gmail and go to Settings (gear icon) > See all settings > Accounts and Import > Check mail from other accounts > Add a mail account.
  • Enter your business email address and click “Next”.
  • Follow the prompts to enter your email settings (IMAP server, username, password).
  • Choose whether to import emails and apply labels (optional).
  • Click “Add Account” to complete the setup.
  • Sending Emails from Gmail: To send emails from your business email address via Gmail, go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Send mail as > Add another email address you own. Follow the steps to verify ownership and set it up.


In conclusion, having a free business email address not only enhances your professional image but also facilitates better communication and branding opportunities for your business. 

With SiteGround hosting services, you can create and manage your business email accounts effortlessly, ensuring that every interaction reflects your commitment to excellence and credibility. 

Start building your online presence today with a free business email account from SiteGround, and see how it transforms the way you communicate with clients and partners.

For more information on how to get started, visit SiteGround’s website here and take advantage of their hosting services tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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