Facebook was launched in 2004 by an ordinary college student, Mark Zuckerberg as a college project. He along with his friend made this application and a social platform so that people could communicate with each other from all around the globe and since then, people have been communicating.

However, more than communication, it has become a hub for sharing quotes and memes and likes and comments and what not! Well, have you ever wondered many types of people use Facebook regardless of them being introverts or extroverts? Buy Facebook Likes You may think that people will not notice if you are an introvert or an extrovert just because you are hiding behind a screen and they can’t see you? Well, turns out that it is completely untrue and you are going to know why in a few seconds!

How can a person ever think that such a big social platform will not have any sort of monitoring and stuff? Well, we are saying this because, at the backend, Facebook has a very strong monitoring system which will monitor all your actions and activities on the platform.

But the surprising thing is that the small actions and activities can make them know a lot about you and have a deeper insight into your personality.

Americans are prone to making new researched and they did the same this time as the researchers at Columbia University conducted a research in which they targeted around 3.5 million Facebook users to test them.

They sent out the tailored advertising and kept seeing the results how each one of them react to them according to their psychology. The information and advertisements were designed keeping in mind the varying topics that people were liking or following.

According to the lead author Sandra Matz, the results concluded that the individuals and persons who felt connected to the posts and advertisements generated 40% more sales as compared to the people who did not have any connection and liking for the posts. However, these results are based on their psychology.

For instance, the extroverts were more inclined towards the posts that had women dancing around in the parties. And on the other hand, introverts liked the advertisements where a woman would sit alone and enjoy her alone time.

All this concluded that more the businesses focused on customizing their services and advertisements according to the people they are going to target, the business sales generated were increased as compared to the businesses that did not focus on the liking point of their target customers. Buy facebook video views Similarly, they saw that social media users’ every action and activity was linked to their psychology and each action was crafted on the basis of the mind’ calculations and sophistication level.

On the other hand, Sandra Matz said that their findings portray the broader issues which they had to take care of as they had a huge amount of data to conclude results from. They also stated that the psychology of people is the main driver of their actions, activities, and behavior.