The common digital marketing funnel is centered to get as much as conversion through marketing channels. Visualizing funnel before running a campaign is essential for successful execution.

Your goal should be written somewhere to see how you are performing throughout the campaign.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make your digital marketing campaign successful.

1. Awareness: The first step in the marketing campaign is creating awareness about the brand. Your content should be written in a way which generates attention towards the brand. The focus should be attracting people to your brand and allow them to read your content. In digital marketing content funny and interesting content with facts creates more interest in the audience. Use the real-time news to get attention in the buzz. You should be quick to create real-time content to grab the opportunity. All you need to see is how you will make yourself visible to your prospect.

2. Consideration: The awareness campaign might not generate the leads but it will give you head start to marketing efforts. People who see your brand will visit your social profiles and website to learn more about your company. This is the first approach to your potential clients. The data about the new visitor can be trackable through Google analytic tools. You can track them and see where your visitors are coming from, direct, organic or social channels.

The next step is to engage them and eventually convert them into customers. Your website is going to play a big role in building trust about your brand. Work on the UI/UX design to give mesmerizing experience to the client. Client testimonials, clients brand logos, years of experience in the industry, recent awards from a well-known organization, government support, pictures of organizational cultures are some of the factors contribute to trust building.

3. Interest: In the third step, your prospect will start having the conversation with you. They will fill the contact form to ask for the quote. The third step in conversion funnel is very crucial. Your best team should be handling this client support.

At this point, your customers are aligned to your presentation. They are now interested in your product. Not all of the client will buy the product so don’t try to push hard to the customers. Let customers spend some time thinking and evaluating other business. Inform your team about follow up messages and building relationship with the client.

4) Evaluation: The customer is now in the state of evaluating your services. They will check what features you are providing. Customer will see what benefits other companies are offering. This is also known as the cold period. At this stage, the conversion depends on the how important your service is for your customer. The product or services which has high value will get converted immediately. People take time to think before making the buying decision. Here your job is to wait until your customer gets back to you. You can keep in touch with them to understand their need. Ask them if they have any doubt about the product so they can ask you. Have patience and wait for customer reply.

5. Selection: This is the final step in your digital marketing funnel where your prospect approves your proposal. Customer will contact you for buying the service. This is an end of your marketing funnel. Here you will mark your successful marketing conversion and record it in your marketing sheet.

6. Data Brainstorming: Now your funnel is completed and all the data is available on the marketing sheet. The next job in digital marketing is analyzing the funnel path to know how the customer has reached you. See which marketing campaign has generated the conversion. Go deep to comprehend which content is producing major results. After analyzing the complete data, you can stop doing the things which are not working for you and focus on the things that are generating the result.

Data Brainstorming is a necessary action in the marketing funnel. It gives you the perspective of how the customer is behaving to your marketing content. The right decision will reduce your marketing cost and increase your sales.

In conclusion: The digital marketing requires close attention to the content and the data analyzation after the execution. Effective marketing campaign changes the way we look at the product. If it is done right, your customer will amaze with your marketing content.

Let me know what marketing funnel is working for your brand.