We are truly living in what can be classed as the digital age and the way we live and interact with each has changed dramatically during this transformational period.

When you are reviewing a digital marketing proposal sample you might want to give a thought to how we got to this point and think about some of the ways that digital marketing  has forged new trends and changed the face of business and commerce.

An easier way to reach your target audience

Think back to the days before the internet and the invention of search engines and you will quickly appreciate how the creation of search engine optimization has changed the marketing landscape.

The fundamental principles of marketing remain the same in that you need to give the customer what they need and want but what has changed significantly is your ability to hone in on these targeted customers with greater ease.

You can use targeted keywords and search data to see exactly what customers are looking for and align those needs with your product offering using SEO.

Social media offers so many opportunities

If you want to highlight a real game-changer in the world of digital marketing you would have to say that social media platforms have had the biggest impact.

Take Facebook, for example, where chatbot marketing is in full swing. Businesses of all sizes incorporate Messenger chatbots to strengthen their marketing strategy and make the job easier for their customer support team. With SendPulse, it’s easy to create a chatbot for free and without any coding skills.

Social media and messaging apps present an amazing marketing opportunity although you would have to say that you will have to find your target audience with care when you consider that over three million new Facebook posts are added every minute and millions of Whatsapp messages are distributed in a similar timeline.

What you will find are some savvy marketers who know how to get themselves notice amongst the crowd and the bottom line is that if you are not using social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy you are missing out on what could be classed as one of the biggest technological breakthroughs we have seen.

Big data

A fundamental point about all of this interaction over the internet is that every online post and transaction is telling you something about the person and what they like and want as a customer.

Love or hate the concept of big data it is hard to disagree that these valuable marketing insights are a powerful marketing tool.

Don’t forget the influencers

In a pre-digital era, there would be huge sums of money spent on high-profile celebrities endorsing products in adverts via our TV screens.

Celebrity endorsements are still an integral aspect of brand marketing for business but there is also a new breed of celebrity that is confined to the internet, the influencer.

If you can encourage millions to follow you on YouTube you will probably be asked to endorse all sorts of products and services. In the digital age, you don’t have to be a worldwide celebrity to have some real online marketing clout.

Marketing strategies frequently incorporate the use of influencers and YouTube is a prime example of how digital marketing for business has changed the selling rules forever.