With more and more consumers switching to online shopping, brick-and-mortar shops need to come up with new ways to attract and retain customers. Numerous physical stores have adapted to the digital revolution by tying up with online shopping sites to reach the vast pool of internet shoppers and establish a strong online presence with minimal investment.

However, is this strategy enough to sustain and grow a local business? How can a local store leverage technology and digital marketing to improve revenues and expand their operations? Is internet marketing a viable tool for brick-and-mortar retailers?

The following three tips provide answers to the above questions and more.

Invest in a website

Long gone are days when making and maintaining business websites was a costly affair. With thousands of free templates and web development advice available online, you or your staff can build a simple website to establish an online point of contact for existing and potential customers and investors.

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to make a good website, or if you’d rather outsource the task, hire a web development agency that will do a good job that meets your expectations, needs and budget.

Why having a website is important: A website gives your physical business a much-needed digital identity and provides customers with space where they can read about your offerings, your background and your experience in the field. In the future, you can develop your site into an e-store where people can buy your products wherever they are.

Use social media to connect with local customers

Social media is a great marketing platform when used effectively. Unfortunately, most local small business owners do not harness the power of social media to connect with, educate and inform their customers. Today’s Internet-savvy consumers love to engage with their preferred brands, but with so much information vying for their attention, out of sight is quickly out of mind for online shoppers.

Therefore, consistent and relevant engagement on your social media pages is essential to keep your target audience interested in what you do. To make the best use of your social media accounts run targeted ad campaigns (such as Facebook ads); post interesting and useful content to increase interest in your product or service, and share your story and background processes to help customers know you better.

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Launch a well-planned digital marketing campaign

Use the power of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, newsletters, blogging, guest posting, link building and other such tools to reach local customers when they search online for a product or service that you provide.

Hiring professional internet marketing specialists has two key advantages: it helps to optimize your digital marketing campaign by utilizing the latest available e-marketing tools with the assurance of proven, measurable results and, secondly, it ensures that your money is spent on tailor-made marketing solutions suited to your specific business.