Are you looking for some inspiration? Then YouTube is the way out. You will find thousands of original creators who inspire people. If you want to get a creative strategy on YouTube, then you are on the right track. Today you’ll understand the fundamentals of creative strategy on YouTube for marketers.

Shareability of the content

Your video has to be shareable. It simply means that your videos MUST have the fundamentals of viral video. First of all, it has to be about popular stuff. Keep in mind that you can always create videos about the latest trends. You can search for the trends in Google. They have separate pages related to the latest trends. Also, another way to find the viral topic is going to Twitter. On the right sidebar, you’ll see the latest hashtags that went viral. That’s a perfect way to capture the interest of the people. 


You should interact with the subscribers. Engaging with the fans is very important if you want to grow the channel. Keep in mind that subscribers will get addicted to your channel and they will be back for more videos. There is another way to get high-quality subscribers. You can get loyal subscribers on YouTube from trusted sources. 


YouTube has a smart algorithm and it will demand consistency from you. If you can’t stick with the plan and upload the video on certain times, then you may lose a battle with your competitors. You should upload videos consistently. After a few weeks, YouTube’s algorithm automatically knows your upload date and work schedule. Do your best to stick with the uploading schedule and don’t break. Every big YouTuber is following the same strategy – staying consistent and uploading videos on time. PewDiePie, MrBeast, David Dobrik and other YouTube stick with their uploading schedule – they stay consistent.