Chatbots: Marketing, Sales, and Service

Chatbots are an integral part of the life of marketers who want to keep up with new work trends: communicate with customers continuously, quickly and efficiently. They radically change the interaction of business and customers. The user no longer needs to spend time searching for the desired product or payment information. Paper correspondence, too, has sunk into oblivion. All the data can be found with the help of the chatbot.


Who is ChatBot?

This is a program controlled by the specified behavior algorithms or artificial intelligence, with which the user interacts through a dialog box. The chat-bot can perform a wide variety of tasks, from entertaining to functional. For example, a person can play games with it, communicate with each other, ask questions, use as an assistant, etc.

Why did chat bots become popular in business and turned from a “toy” into a really working marketing tool? The fact is that people are gradually withdrawing from social networks, where there is too much information garbage, to more personalized channels of communication – messengers. Therefore, business should be done exactly where the target audience is going.

Globally chat-bots help companies solve marketing problems in 3 key directions:

  • Open an additional marketing channel for communication with the target audience, promoting products and attracting leads.
  • Automate communication, thereby improving the quality of the client service. Most of the routine operations and typical issues can be solved by the bot in 24/7 mode, and managers are dealt with atypical, complex situations.
  • Improve customer experience, increase the involvement and loyalty of the audience.

What Functions Can a Chatbot Perform?

  • Entertainment: There are many entertaining chatbots for different platforms but their applicability in classical business models is rather limited. Entertaining chat-bots is a “thing-in-itself” in the overwhelming majority of cases. After all, do not you plan to use a chat-bot in your business model, which sends messages simulating letter from your ex-girlfriend with random frequency? It can be funny, but not all areas of business can integrate communications of this kind.
  • Personal assistant: Siri has entertained Apple smartphone owners for several years, but it’s premature to talk about real benefits and weight advantages. The personal assistant in many ways duplicates the functions of CRM, and the benefits of its use are not obvious.
  • Technical support and consultation: This is the area where a carefully tuned chat-bot is able to significantly optimize the time of real support staff, quickly and without involving human resources to provide answers to trivial customer questions. The undeniable advantage for the user, in this case, will be the acceleration of communication in comparison with the morally obsolete IVR system. How long does it take to navigate through the voice menu of a mobile operator or bank? Chat-bot is able to reduce the time required to receive the required information in dozens of times.
  • Search and aggregation of content: This function is now widely used in the chat functionality of popular news agencies, allowing the user to retrieve news only on a given topic. In some cases, it is possible to organize the search for products by keyword.
  • Choice of a product and making a purchase: Dialog with the help of chat-bot is not always the optimal format for communication with the client. Its use in this process is advisable with a small assortment of products. If there are tens or hundreds of products with a wide variety of unique characteristics, the process of choosing them with the help of a chatbot can lead to negative consequences as a result of complication and delay the process.

Pros and Cons of Chatbots in the Context of Marketing:

  • The main plus of chatbots for instant messengers is that it is a relatively new and unprocessed tool. It does not cause rejection from users, but on the contrary, attracts their attention. In addition, there are several important advantages.
  • A high percentage of readability of messages. Chat-bots live in instant messengers, which are used for personal communication, which means that the user is inclined to respond better to the incoming message.
  • Work with the target audience, which has a clear portrait, which means that it is possible to develop personal offers with the greatest “conversion power” for it.
  • The generation of millennials (the segment of the most active Internet users) follows the trends, which are chatbots. They easily go to experiments, experience new technologies, and services. If interaction with chat-bot will justify their expectations, the company will be provided with an active and loyal audience.

However, chatbots also have several serious shortcomings.

  • A certain part of the audience is not yet ready to interact with the bots.
  • Chatbots may be incomprehensible to some buyers, especially if they have problems with logic or recognition.

Chatbots in Sales:

Probably, we should not once again speak about the popularity of instant messengers. Unlike applications or sites, instant messengers communicate via dialogue, and people do not need to learn a new interface. And for millennials, messengers are a favorite tool. Most large messengers have already issued solutions that allow you to safely pay for goods and services without leaving the chat. Therefore, instant messengers become a new channel for sales and marketing. And the tool for this channel is just the chatbots.

Sales and promotion of users “in the funnel” in the dialogue mode has a huge number of benefits. For example, the conversion from promo messages in instant messengers is several times greater than the conversion of similar email-mailings. Let’s move to the next pros. In addition, instead of the “segmentation” of users accepted by marketers, the chat-bot can rebuild the script of the dialogue with the “lead” literally at any time, adjusting to the course of the dialogue and relying on the data about the user that it received from external systems. With the help of chatbots marketing will move from “segmentation” to “personalization”.

How Chatbots Can Be Used in Service?

The main advantage of the service bots is to provide feedback to users 24 hours a day in any channels. The customer’s experience is great in this case. User service in all its manifestations from technical support to checking the status of delivery of the order by the courier becomes a decisive factor for the success of any business in the sphere of b2c.

Costs of companies to maintain call centers and support services are growing, and not all can become leaders in this race. The secret is as follows. A huge number of user questions are repeated and are more or less standard, and they can be handled by bots. It is both about chatting and voice conversations because modern bots are able to understand and synthesize speech.

The obvious benefit is saving money. However, the use of chatbots in support has another advantage. Automatic interlocutors can analyze the statistics of conversations and find zones in the company’s systems, which most often create problems for users.

Thus, messengers are a promising communication channel. Their role is growing every day. Additional automation capabilities with chatbots allow you to optimize this tool for the needs of your business processes and gain some advantage over competitors who neglect this opportunity. Nevertheless, at the moment it is somewhat premature to say that messengers and chatbots are the most important tools of Internet marketing.

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