If you want to share your posts continually there might be issues. So you need to set the time limit for your posts to be shared on the social media channels. Here is the buffer app which is the amazing social media tool for simplifying your work.

Buffer app is the perfect measure to schedule your content, collaborate your team and measure the performances.

3 Main things you can do with the buffer app:

  • Schedule your posts (Here are 50+ social media post ideas to use).
  • Connect your social accounts.
  • Add team members for your business.
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With the buffer app, you can schedule your posts and share them at your best possible times.

After connecting the social accounts to the buffer, you can add any link, text, picture, video to the buffer that you need to share to the social media channels. Whatever you had updated will be scheduled and posted on the particular time-space on your social channels.

Instead of sending all the bulk articles once, you need to add them to the buffer app and then share them for the next few days.

Key features of the buffer app social media tool:

  • You can share to multiple twitter, facebook, instagram,+google,Pinterest ,LInkedin boards from one place.
  • Using this buffer social media management platform tool you can get each and every update for your share such as the clicks, retweets, mentions, likes for your posts.
  • By just hitting buffer you no need to worry about setting the time and date for sharing your articles.
  • You can schedule your posts for the custom time to schedule for specific events.
  • You can get in depth of how your content is performing on the social media channels with the buffer app.
  • You can track and compare the engagement metrics for the performances.
  • The best buffer app where you can supercharge your company’s social media marketing.
  • The browser extension helps to save your posts to share later.
  • RSS feed helps to submit your content with in one click.
  • Pablo image creator to make beautiful images for your posts.
  • With the buffer app video and GIF controller you can enrich your content.
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Buffers main version is free and you can upgrade with the buffer app later on enjoying the 14 days trial version.

Buffer social media app pricing:

Free Plan:

  • Connect to 4 social accounts.
  • 10 Scheduled posts per profile.

Awesome Plan features:

  • You can have 100 posts in buffer.
  • Connect to 10 social accounts.
  • RSS feed integration.
  • Pricing on monthly basis :$9.99.

Small Business Plan Features:

  • 25 connected social accounts.</li.
  • 5 team members and contribution features.
  • 2000 Scheduled posts per profile.
  • RSS feed integration.
  • Pricing on monthly basis:$99.99.

Medium Business:

  • 50 connected social accounts.
  • 10 team members.
  • RSS feed integration.
  • Pricing:199$ per month.

Large Business with the buffer social media app:

  • 150 social accounts.
  • 25 team members.
  • RSS feed integration.
  • pricing:399$ per month.

In addition to the buffer app, there is also a social media tool known as postcorn which is comparatively same as buffer social media app.

Postcron versus Buffer app:

The postcron app is to schedule your posts to the social channels. And it is compatible with all types of devices as the buffer app.You can get the same features as the buffer but a few things less such as tracking the performances of how your posts are performing. You can invite your friends to the business similar to the buffer but cannot get enough information or stats about what’s happening whether your posts are gaining good results or not.

The best thing about the postcron app is that you can design the beautiful logos and add watermark to your images.

There are few issues relating to the performance of the postcron app, so I prefer the buffer app for connecting to the social media channel for the year 2018 to get good results for your business growth.