Gone are the days when the Internet was just a tool to find the cast of a movie or a menu in that one special restaurant. The Internet has now become the single largest entity that connects billions of people around the world. Be it celebrities or ventures, everyone is investing highly in digital marketing strategies, to increase their reach and hence, increase their conversion rate. A mind-boggling statistic states that Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. If you are a digital marketing professional and wish to get a higher conversion rate, below are 5 skills that can help you achieve that goal.

1. Analytics
Analytics is the process to collect, integrate and analyze data to understand people trends and interaction overview. There are a number of websites and tools which can help you with your analytic reports, the prominent name being Google Analytics, which supposedly has over 50 million websites connected to it. Analytics is a necessary tool for an organization to use as it not only helps them understand how well their campaign is faring and what the conversion rate is but also acts as a decision support system and create new campaigns depending on the consumer trends. The analytic reports help you learn which channels help you garner the most number of leads and how your sales are chiming in.
New age digital marketers need to have data mining in mind and have an upper hand in analytics. Ventures are looking for people who can analyze the data and leverage consumer behavior, purchase history and fresh interests and much more to increase traffic, generate more leads and increase the conversion rate. Once you get a hold of analytics, it is easier to understand the preferences of the customer instead of just beating your head at the data. Analytics is one of the biggest skills that will help digital marketers increase the conversion rate.

2. Social Media Marketing
If you still think social media websites are only used to look at cat videos and share pictures of home-made pasta, you might be wrong. Slowly and steadily, social media websites have converted into digital marketplaces, due to the large amounts of users. Facebook has over 2 billion users, while YouTube boasts of 1.5 billion users. On the other hand, photo sharing application Instagram recently reached the 800 million user mark and Twitter connects almost 330 million users. These numbers have a long list of potential customers and ventures need someone to strike these huge numbers, which are growing by the second.
Social Media MArketing
Generally, digital marketing professionals are expected to have a deep understanding of social media and its marketing practices, but most digital marketers limit themselves to a handful few names. To stand out from the crowd and become an innovator rather than a follower, it is important to keep track of new and upcoming websites that can help you capture a whole new list of consumers. This also helps in editing and improving the current social media strategies and adjust according to the changes and alterations occurring in the social world. Social media marketing can help you increase conversion if it is up to date with the latest trends and a huge pool of users.

3. Visualization of Data
No matter how amazing and informative the textual data is, visual data always succeed in the race. Images and videos are an easy to share commodity and generate more eyeballs than the same message delivered through text. The most prominent feature of images is that the users share them more than the text-based information, thus increasing the reach drastically. In a time when one single post takes it to get ‘viral’ on the internet, having an ability to convert your ideas into eye-catching visuals is a huge plus point. While the digital world is shifting its data sharing trends, images and videos are leading the charts and being shared more times than any other kind of information.
Individuals who wish to stay ahead in the digital marketing domain must learn Data Science to visualize, create and effectively analyze data. Simply, a digital marketer should be able to convert his/ her thoughts into images and tell the story they wish the multitude to know.

4. Technical Knowledge
Digital Marketing is just not about the marketing side of things but the technical skills as well. Having a portfolio with an amateur or proficient level technical knowledge can prove wonders for a digital marketing professional. Having a talent pool that includes coding, video and image editing and other marketing tools can make the difference in sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and coding have gone hand in hand for a long time now. Having a basic knowledge of programming languages, such as C++ is a boon. Creating SEO friendly codes with C++ can help your website get a better ranking and an increased traffic.
Angular JS
A similar thing can be said about JavaScript and SEO. Learning to program in JavaScript can help you understand SEO better. With the availability of JS frameworks, programming has never been easier. Angular, a JS framework can create SEO friendly content and help you increase traffic, which can lead to a better conversion rate. You can find programming community recommended best Angular tutorials and courses on the internet if you feel it helps you boost your digital marketing skills. Marketers who have unconventional skills, mostly in the tech domain can communicate in a better way with the technical department and create an improved strategy. The customer’s demands and expectations can be understood effectively at both the marketing and the technical level.

5. Teamwork and Communication Skills
A bad team along with great communication skills will fail, so will a good team with bad communication skills. A balance between teamwork and communication skills is necessary to succeed in the digital marketing frame. Improving communications skills is as important as developing a new strategy. Building a working relationship with your team can help you get better results as well. As a marketing professional, be it digital or offline, one should always develop a likable personality as you may have to meet a consumer anytime. The client-company relationship might come down to you and your personality.