ITSM technologies are effective at assisting teams in providing excellent IT services to customers, as well as improving staff productivity and cooperation while conserving resources.

ServiceNow is among the most powerful ITSM systems for enterprises, with a wide range of features and capabilities.

Everyone, on the other hand, has their own set of requirements and preferences. Whereas many people love ServiceNow, others are dissatisfied with its functionality, user interaction, assistance, budget, and other aspects.

The customer experience may differ from one person to the next or from one company to the next.

As a result, people search for ServiceNow alternatives that will better suit their needs, budget, and interests.

Unless you’re one of those, this article about ServiceNow competitors would assist you in selecting an optimal plan so that you can get the most out of your ITSM product.

What is IT service management(ISTM)?

The actions and processes that an organization uses to establish, plan, run, control, and deliver IT services to consumers are related to information technology service management (ITSM).

In all other words, ITSM refers to the process through which a team manages and provides its IT services from beginning to end. It prioritizes customer demands and continual improvement in order to provide exceptional quality of service and customer service encounters.

It is distinct from other methods of IT management, including its information systems and network monitoring. Others focus on upgrading IT systems, while ITSM focuses on consumers’ demands. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is also unique. It’s similar to an ITSM framework in that it describes the strategies and tools that organizations will need to provide IT services efficiently.

ITSM was created with the goal of providing IT as a service that goes beyond traditional IT support. Furthermore, ITSM is a broader system that encompasses all of the processes, technology, and tools that IT teams use to administer their IT services. It even lays out the tasks and functions of each agency and person involved in IT solutions.

Need for ITSM platforms:

ITSM is advantageous to your entire company. It aims to improve the customer experience and increase your team’s efficiency by focusing on process and technology design.

ITSM platforms, on the other hand, are ITSM-capable technologies or software solutions. There are many ITSM solutions on the market that can help your company manage its IT services.

Here are a few considerations why you should use an ITSM platform.

  • Enhances the consumer experience

Because ITSM focuses on meeting the demands of customers, IT teams are constantly striving to improve the delivery of Products and services to end-users. They make an effort to comprehend end-user pain points and devise strategies to address them. This gives your customers a sense of importance while also improving your service performance. Finally, this contributes to a better client experience.

  • Improved IT efficiency:

ITSM systems aid IT effectiveness by allowing teams to properly manage all processes, from service creation to delivery and after-sales. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways.

An ITSM tool enables IT, teams, to make the most of their IT resources, especially if they are constrained. Furthermore, it streamlines process workflow to ensure that are all on the same page despite removing manual duties. It also simplifies tasks so that everyone on the team knows what they need to accomplish next and how things are progressing.

Additionally, employing ITSM technologies allows you to discover issues sooner, allowing you to resolve them more quickly. As a result, as your IT availability and reliability, and reaction times increase, you’ll have all of the tools you require if you need them.

  • Enhanced Productivity:

Your employees will be able to produce more in fewer time thanks to ITSM solutions that automate processes and set clear targets. They can also identify and fix issues more quickly, resulting in higher client satisfaction. This means that productivity has increased. They also find it easier to not only comprehend business needs but also to align with the goals and try to enhance their performance.

  • Collaboration is boosted.

Because team members can all visualize workflows and seek the same information about the issues they’ll be tackling next, the ITSM tool improves teamwork. As a result, they will be able to effectively collaborate to solve problems, generate new ideas, and improve processes. As a result, they are able to handle more development while maintaining a high level of quality.

  • Reduced costs:

Competent reporting and analytics are included with a good ITSM platform to measure useful metrics. It might help you see your strengths and flaws so you can work on them. It will also emphasize the issues that have been raised, the number of issues that have been resolved, customer satisfaction ratings, security concerns, and so on.

As a result, addressing vulnerabilities early prevents you from experiencing the repercussions of a safety breach or consumer provocations.

It solves most of the challenging issues thereby reducing the imposed costs. Helps in automating the resources by saving the time required to handle the manual tasks, and reducing the workforce, and working hours simultaneously.

Service and its importance:

ServiceNow is a well-known ITSM platform supplier with a global following. For the eighth time, this platform has been named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools in 2021.

This cutting-edge ITSM technology aids you in delivering dependable IT services that prioritize customer satisfaction and service quality. It has features such as effective incident and problem management, organizational change, request managerial staff, mobile agents and applications, virtual agents, predictive intelligence, and more. It’s also a virtualization technology for securing your company’s IT architecture in the future.

Considering all of ServiceNow’s benefits, it may not be suitable for all organizations, as each has its own set of requirements and budget limits.

You could be looking for ServiceNow alternatives if you’re one of them.

5 ServiceNow Competitors to Consider for Small to Large Companies in 2022:

  1. Freshservice:

Freshservice can help you modernize your IT process improvement with a quick, intelligent, time-saving, and intuitive solution. It can assist you in achieving a higher return on investment, increasing efficiency, and providing memorable client experiences.

With strong automation and no-code procedures, you may increase the efficiency of your service. To save time and bridge silos, you’ll obtain an integrated platform for your ITSM. This will help you improve process visibility, cut expenses, and increase company agility.

Utilizing Freshservice’s no-code architecture, you could quickly install the solution while also receiving development services and professional onboarding. Its out-of-the-box capabilities also make it easier for users to embrace the deployed service.

With its own AI-powered corporate platform, you can also boost employee efficiency and unify consumer experiences. Drag and drop interfaces make your work go more smoothly and save you time. To improve dependability, close the gap between operational and managed services.

Freshservice helps you to detect alarms quickly, provide an end-to-end user experience, and cooperate with context to avoid a variety of problems. Whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, this ServiceNow option can help you reap numerous benefits.

Begin your 21-day trial version to take advantage of all of the software’s features.


Utilizing Jira Service Management, enable your IT Ops, marketing, and software developers to collaborate quickly and easily. This system can react swiftly to changes and provide excellent workforce and consumer experiences.

With Jira Service Management, one can speed up your system and fulfill your specific requirements. To efficiently build up a service desk and adapt at scale, enable everyone, as well as each individual and also the entire squad. It will allow you to deliver better service without complications.

You can follow the activities of each and every member of the team all across the company with a cooperative and open platform. You may also use Jira to link significant issues and pull information from other software applications. As a result, using a comprehensive set of data, your operational team will be responsive to changes, events, and requests more quickly.

With a thorough audit trail for every change, you can manage risks, improve customer impact, speed up development, release modifications with ease, and reduce toil. Jira also helps your workflow by providing additional features and procedures, allowing you to operate on the same tool. You’ll also have a source of truth from which to get data and back up your reports.

With the ITSM tool operating, you may get greater awareness and knowledge of your firm. You may tailor the Jira Service Management platform to match your needs by choosing from over 1000 trustworthy connections & applications.

Jira provides a free subscription for three agents. It charges $20/agent/month for individuals who want to use the help desk and ITSM. There was also the possibility of a risk-free trial.

3. Soalrwinds:

SolarWinds, which offers a comprehensive ITSM solution, can help you remove barriers to employee support services. You can manage everything like an expert due to its distinctive features and capabilities.

Automatically adjust your technological and asset inventory. You’ll also receive inventory updates, which will help you start preparing for the Microsoft licensing audit and make your work easier. Furthermore, by focusing on the vital indicators provided by this application, you may continuously enhance operations.

servicenow competitors

The software configuration database engine provides a full-screen picture of your IT infrastructure. You can see all of your service desk’s statistics on a clear dashboard. In addition, the employee portal serves as a one-stop-shop for your employee to submit, search for, and connect with an agent.

SolarWinds is introducing corporate customer service solutions for businesses. You may monitor the location, utilization, and setup of your hardware inventory using its hardware inventory management. It supports over 40 languages, and you can personalize it based on your area and keep up with worldwide trends.

Choose the best strategy for your team, with prices starting at $19 per month per technician. Take advantage of a free 30-day fully-functional trial.

4.BMC Helix ITSM:

Get BMC Helix ITSM’s next-generation and business asset management to improve your Profitability on the clouds of your choosing. It’s a strong, people-centric system that makes use of upcoming technologies like Ai And Machine Learning.

The assigning, scheduling and auto-classification of events provide predictive service management. To broker releases, modifications, and issues across cloud providers, use its multi-cloud features. The solution connects with Jira, one of the most popular agile DevOps technologies.

On behalf of its customers, you will receive automation and cognition email analysis. Apart from that, containerization can help you save time and money in terms of deployment and operations. You’ll learn how it works and how it provides the finest service experience possible for speedier innovation.

Furthermore, use proactively, context-aware, and cognitive event matching to successfully address incidents. You can deliver critical information to backup staff and customers right because they need it. You’ll also get knowledge of the article lifecycle for up-to-date content and effective curation.

Multi-cloud customer relationship management from BMC Helix enables you to provide a differentiated service offering across several public clouds. You may rapidly and effortlessly create an outstanding dashboard with comprehensive reports. Document all actions and organize them for change requests throughout the whole IT environment, from data centers to workstations.

Product management, processing of data, investment management, system integration, service request management, and quality service management are all included in this ITSM system.

Take a free trial of BMC Helix to get started.

5.SysAid ITSM:

With SysAid ITSM, you can give your employees and IT staff more control and authority. With powerful service desk automation, you can wave goodbye to major challenges. It provides amazing solutions and capabilities for asset management, meeting excessive requests, and managing your help desk without fear.

To keep on top, SysAid ITSM gives the right tool for the right activity. It also has automation to help you focus on the important steps. Increase your productivity by automating tasks and reducing repetition.

Servicenow competitors

Setting SysAid is simple and quick, allowing you to be up – and – running immediately and satisfy your individual needs. You may also improve the experience of your employees and agents by giving next-level technologies and high-level assistance to help them solve problems faster. An ITIL bundle, workflow automation, third-party interfaces, sophisticated customization, service level management, and other features are included in ITSM.

With SysAid ITSM, you can improve service delivery, spend some time intelligently, and address issues faster. Take a free trial of SysAid via your work email to see how it works.


ITSM technologies help companies handle their IT delivery of services while increasing staff productivity, improving customer experience, and lowering costs. If you’re searching for a ServiceNow replacement, pick one of it’s ITSM systems listed above that best meets your needs, affordability, and interests.