Many digital marketing types will benefit you and your business.

Long gone are the days of putting up posters and billboards. Digital marketing is the most popular way that people advertise because it’s cost-effective and convenient. It allows businesses to choose who they want to target and they can do it in various ways.

The reason why most businesses are relying on digital marketing is that it’s simple. However, the main types of marketing require a bit of studying because you need to know when and how to start.

Read on to learn more about the 4 most common types of digital marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing products and services to individuals on the internet. This concept has been around since the beginning of the internet, but today it’s composed of varies types of digital marketing.

In the past, most small business marketing companies would place ads on a website and hope that someone interacts with it. Today, there are new ways to interact with an audience and analytics to help brands monitor their ad campaigns.

Some of the main types of marketing are SEO, SMM, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. All of these work in different ways, but they all serve the same purpose: interacting with consumers to encourage them to invest in something.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a process that’s designed to earn a website as much traffic as possible. Whenever a company starts implementing SEO into their site, it will see a major rise in its engagement and conversions.

If you go to Google and type a string of keywords, the first sites you’ll see are the most relevant to what you typed. SEO is what allows those sites to appear first. 

To get a site to appear more frequently in search results, digital marketers will analyze the most popular keywords that are being typed on Google. They will then place keywords throughout a site to boost its ranking.

Aside from keywords, other things that can impact a site’s SEO are how often visitors access other parts of the site and the content provided. For example, you can boost a site’s SEO with video. The more people engage with content on your site, the more likely Google will put it near the top of the search results.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most common ways that people are marketing today. This is because social media has become increasingly popular over the years, so there’s a lot of room for growth.

Social media has over 3.2 billion active users, so brands have plenty of choices when it comes to finding an audience. To interact with an audience, they’ll either pay for advertisements, create an account, or sponsor the posts of popular influencers.

Advertisements on social media platforms give brands a variety of filters so that their ads can be displayed to the right audience. Whenever a brand sponsors a post of an influencer, that influencer will usually take a photo or video with the product.

Creating an account is a cost-effective way to market because it doesn’t require businesses to spend money. Every post is an advertisement in its own right because they have the brand’s name attached to it. As the business continues to post engaging content, more and more people will follow the page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for some time, but it’s currently seen in most places on the internet. This type of marketing is done by producing content, be it videos, photos, or music, that is designed for an audience.

If you go to YouTube and look up fitness channels, they’ll often post similar videos that end up promoting a certain brand. This is what content marketing is, and it’s effective because it not only advertises a product, but it also gives the audience a form of entertainment.

Affiliate Marketing

Out of all the digital marketing techniques, affiliate marketing is one that tops most of them. This is a process where a person (affiliate) is paid to redirect an audience to another service. One example of this is a blogger that posts a link to a product on Amazon.

Whenever someone clicks on an affiliate link and purchases the product, the affiliate is provided a portion of the money. In return, the business gets to earn more customers.

Affiliates tend to only link to products that are relative to their platform. For example, a travel blogger would only link to products that could be used while travelling. This is because it’s more likely that the affiliate’s audience will purchase the item.

While product links are some of the most common affiliate links, some businesses pay affiliates just to bring traffic to their site. This means that affiliates can get paid-per-clicks rather than purchases.

Decide Which of the Digital Marketing Types Is Best for You

There are a variety of digital marketing types that could help you grow your business, but you’ll have to decide which ones you want to use. If you’re someone that runs a local business, SEO could help you because it would allow you to show up whenever someone searches for your kind of business.

For businesses that would like to reach larger audiences, social media marketing, and content marketing will allow you to directly engage with consumers. You can also turn to affiliate marketing if you’re trying to appeal to an audience that follows a particular influencer.

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