Instagram has become the most important social media platform for brands. It has more than 1B+ active users. Most of the brands focus more on Facebook and LinkedIn. But, Instagram has been proven to be one of the important keys to social media success. You can find highly engaging fans on Instagram.

According to studies, Instagram engagement rate is more than 58 times when compared with other similar platforms. This shows the significance of Instagram. But, it is not easy to grow your Instagram account in 2019. More and more brands have started using Instagram. To win from this competition, you need to use clever strategies.

Many people try to buy Instagram followers. But, these followers will be useless. All these followers won’t engage with your content. Thus, you won’t get any benefit from them. Try to use only legit methods to gain Instagram followers. We have compiled a list of 10 Tips which will help you to boost your Instagram account.

  1.    Post epic content on regular basis.

Posting regular epic content is the key to gaining new active followers. Try to post as many photos and videos you can. For starters, post at least 1-2 photos per day. After that, you can go up to 3-4 photos per day. Most of the active accounts on Instagram posts about 5-6 photos per day to gain a huge following. If you don’t have anything to post then you can repost other account’s post. Make sure that you take permission from them before posting. This will also help you in building new connections on Instagram.

  1.    Use hashtags.

Hashtags are undoubtedly a great way to attract new followers. It is very important to use the right hashtags with your posts. They can greatly boost your posts reach. Try to use at least 3-5 hashtags in every post. Also, don’t target hashtags which have millions of posts. Try to target hashtags which have less post. Thus, you will have a high chance of getting noticed.

  1.    Follow back and engage with more users.

Instagram is not only about posting photos and videos. It is important to engage with your followers. This helps you in creating a connection with your followers. You can also follow people who might be interested in your niche. Try commenting something relevant on their posts. If you do this well, then there is a high chance that they will follow you back. This will help you in getting more engaging followers on your account.

  1.    Use Relevant Captions.

The right captions can make your content go viral. Make sure you are using relevant with every photo you post. Try to write short but witty captions. Also, make sure your captions motivate and captivate your users. Thus, they will end up tagging their friends in comments. This will help you in increasing both engagement and followers on your Instagram account.

  1.    Try to get help from famous Instagram Accounts.

One of the fastest methods to gain new followers is by paying other influencers. If you are a photographer, then you can click good photos and send it to these influencers. They will post your photos with credit.

You can also pay these influencers to promote your Instagram account. Most of them provides an Email on their account where you can contact them. Also, try to find Instagram accounts which are related to your niche. This will help you in gaining more followers. You can pay them a little more to post your account photo in their Posts Tab.

  1.    Follow current trends and news.

Try to tap into new trends and news. This will get your content noticed more easily. For example, try to post content related to current news with relevant hashtags. You will face very less competition in such hashtags. Thus, you will end up attracting more followers in the end.

  1.    Do Share4Share with similar accounts.

This is one the fastest method to gain new followers. You can cross promote other similar accounts on your Instagram account. The size of both the accounts must be same; otherwise, they will decline your request. This will also help you in creating a healthy connection with other similar accounts.

  1.    Post photos at peak time.

You should post new photos at the peak time of your account. This time may vary from account to account. First, you must check when your followers are online. You can easily find this out in your accounts insights. After that, try posting at that time of the day. This will help you in reaching more followers. Thus, you will end up having more engagement on your posts.

  1.    Don’t Overpost on your Instagram account.

We have already talked about the significance of regular posting. But, many people take it in a wrong sense. They start posting 10-12 posts/day. This can have a very negative impact on your account. Your followers will start to think that you are spamming their feed. Thus, they will start unfollowing your account. It is better to always post 1-2 post/day in starting. You can move up to 3-4 posts/day after some time. But, don’t break this barrier until you have more than 100k active followers.

  1.     Promote your Instagram account on other social media websites.

You can also promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts. Try to promote your account to your Facebook and Twitter fans. This will help you in gaining the fans you already have on other websites. Also, you can add “Follow me on Instagram” button on your website. This will convert your readers to your Instagram followers.