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The most trusted and efficient area where you can build websites is the wordpress. WordPress is the web software where you can create and design beautiful websites, apps and blog. It is the free tool which is trusted and used by many especially for beginners. In my tutorial I am going to give the beginners who wants to create beautiful websites with the wordpress platform.In my article I am going to discuss how to set the wordpress blog and install configurations for it.For the people who wants to make their blog or website look in a professional way can use or go through this tutorial to drive some meaning data.

WordPress is a free software where you can find many plugins, themes and hosting . Here are the 4 steps for hosting wordpress websites with error free.
How to Host a error free website on wordpress

For the wordpress website to be launched you need to simply go through this following information.

  • First you need select the best hosting provider for your domain, and choose the best package and benefits for using that hosting services for your domain. Then you need to buy it.
  • After choosing the domain and hosting install and setup the wordpress blog with some configurations a available.
  • Select the best wordpress plugins available and install them.
  • For your blog t look very neatly select the best and perfect theme which suits your domain name.
  • For the blog to be very good at SEO point you need to select the best SEO plugin for your site.
  • Set up your blog with the security plugin which keeps your website away from malicious attacks.

Selecting and buying the web hosting and domain name for your wordpress blog

You need to select the best hosting service provider among several available such as go-daddy, dream-host and blue-host etc. The web hosting is the place where all your files in the blog are stored and can be regained in case of any deletion of your blog due to viral infections. The domain name is the name of your blog which should be very perfect. The domain represents you to this world and the main theme of the blog.

I am selecting the blue-host service provider to host my website. The blue-host provides a free domain with some hosting packages. Please click on the below link to know the more information about the blue-host services and packages. It provides the users with great packages and free domain support. It helps in selecting the better domain too.

Here are the list of the Packages and Services of the blue-hostservice provider:

Sign up link to blue-host

After buying the hosting space you need to install the wordpress blog on your selected domain name. Here I had chosen blue-host service provider to launch my blog. Blue-host provides unlimited bandwidth and storage, support for its customers in choosing the offers.

How to install and do settings for wordpress blog on the blue-host service provides?

The best thing why I an preferring you the blue-host wordpress website is that they help to get the accurate performance for your website and measure them. Blue-host is the one of the best hosting service provided which is used by many. Here in this tutorial I am going to give a new idea and clear picture for the new beginners of the website i.e. how to install your wordpress website on the blue-host.

Select the best plugins for your website or blog

We all know that as wordpress provides different plugins for free you can easily select the best plugin in optimizing the site performance and keep up to date. WP Fastest cache plugin helps a lot in optimizing the site performance.
In order to increase the website performance you need to select the best caching plugin for your blog. That caching plugin has to carry out the entire site performance and should yield better results for you. The caching plugins will help to load the pages very fast. Your site performance is controlled to a greater extent. So you should be very careful in selecting the best plugin and installing it on your blog.

Here are list of top plugins for optimized site performance

Today each and every thing has to be secured whether it is online or offline. Because day by day attackers are increasing through policies. Their main aim is to attack the website and steal the important information on the website. In order to safe guard your website from the malicious effects, intruders and from other thefts their should be a very tight security to your website.

The best security plugins which free your site from malware injections.

From SEO point of view, in order to index better in google and rank better you should go for the best SEO plugin. This plugin will simply keep your website with a good condition and also helps in increasing the traffic and revenue. If your website is having a good SEO then you can track the analysis of the entire website and increase or boost up your website to this world.Better SEO will drive different keywords and their rankings to your site.

The best SEO plugins which helps to better results in search engines.

The SEO tips to increase the ranking of the website and index better in google.