Need to track your WordPress website in Google Analytics Scroll Depth? 

Are you looking for a strong WordPress scroll-depth-tracking plugin? Or interested to know how to incorporate WordPress ‘s powerful scroll-depth tracking feature? Do you want to view your WordPress site ‘s full scroll depth tracking reports?

Here comes all in one solution for your problems, i.e Google analytics scroll depth tracking plugin Monsterinsights.

Scroll Depth Tracking

Scroll depth monitoring is the method of calculating how far the users scroll through a specific website’s web pages. With the support of plugins, Google Analytics will help you evaluate scroll depth analytics.

Scroll depth tracking is necessary for the WordPress website’s because you can know the following stats for your websites very easily.

  • The number of users scrolling through the web pages 
  • Interaction with the users on your website 
  • How long do you read your web-page? 
  • Why is it that users skip your content? 
  • When the users stop reading your website and exit it?

Scroll depth monitoring certainly lets you analyze, improve and automate the website’s web pages. You will double your traffic, your sales and your popularity.

Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a priceless asset to website owners. This free tool helps you to monitor demographic information as well as specifics of which pages are most frequently visited, how long people linger on those pages, which sections of your web visitors also move on, how fast your website, etc.

When you want more detailed tools, such as keeping track of incidents, submitted forms, downloaded files, monitoring eCommerce and scrolling depth, then Google Analytics will allow you to set up custom monitoring steps.

Since Google Analytics views scrolling activities as events, you have to set up your own scroll-depth tracking. Google Analytics provides a few ways to set up scroll depth monitoring if you’re using WordPress:

  1. Manually using Scroll Depth Trigger in Google Tag Manager
  2. Automatically using Monster Insights plugin

The manual process is most cumbersome and confusing, so it’s a good idea to go for the monster insights plugin which avoids unnecessary headaches.

How to setup scroll depth tracking using Monsterinsights plugin?

MonsterInsights is one of the most accessible plugins to use on Google Analytics. It’s also one of the most successful, with more than 2 million installations. Using Google Analytics you can connect your WordPress site easily without using any code. Plus, inside your WordPress dashboard, you can easily track metrics, info, and stats of your website.

It helps to track some essential metrics in your dashboard such as file downloads, eCommerce, forms tracking, author tracking, affiliate link tracking etc.

MonsterInsights has automatically allowed scroll-depth tracking by default. That means you don’t even have to set any settings. All you need to do is configure the plugin MonsterInsights.

In order to set up the scroll depth tracking to your website, first you need to install and activate the monster insights plugin. This plugin is free if you want some advanced features a paid version supports. As a next step, you need to connect your website with Google analytics account using monster insights. You can see the scroll tracking is a new feature in the latest Monsterinsights version 7.6.0 update.

By default, the scroll depth tracking feature is enabled automatically. It starts the users scrolling data, if you want to check, go to insights>>settings>>then engagement.

scroll depth tracking


How to view scroll depth tracking reports?

One can view the website stats using your WordPress website and Google analytics dashboard.

Viewing scroll depth tracking reports using WordPress website dashboard.

First, go to your WordPress website dashboard, then go to insights>reports>publisher’s and just scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can see the scroll option. Realize that scroll depth monitoring not only shows the engagement report your guests have with your website but also lets you determine the best location for your important calls to action, advertising and much more.

scroll depth tracking


Viewing scroll depth tracking using Google Analytics dashboard

One can easily view the scroll depth tracking reports in behaviour and real-time areas.

In order to track the reports in real-time, you need to login to your Google Analytics account, then navigate to real-time>>events area to view your site’s recent scrolling data.

In order to view the reports in the behavioural area, simply navigate to the behaviour>>events>>overview>>click scroll depth to view the scrolling reports of your website.


scroll depth tracking



Now you will definitely know that MonsterInsights has made it easy for your WordPress website to add and display the scroll depth monitoring. All these happened without having to write or add a single line of code. That is awesome!

MonsterInsights is the perfect scroll-depth monitoring plugin for WordPress, recommended by many experts worldwide. As a WordPress user, you should give MonsterInsights your first priority when choosing scroll depth tracking.