If you really want to have some kind of valuable information from Google Analytics, you have to have specific priorities for tracking. If you’ve set up Google Analytics conversion monitoring, such as opt-ins and analytics transactions, you can start figuring out where your most valuable traffic comes from where you’re losing valuable traffic, and more.

Through setting up lead source tracking on your platform, you delve deeper into the marketing strategies or referral websites have led the most.

In this blog post, Iam going to share some valuable information regarding how to track form conversation sources in Google analytics. 

Form Conversion tracking in Google analytics:

Tracking form conversions could be time-consuming. Whenever you post a lead generation form, you may need to set a target on your Google Analytics account and put an extra code snippet on your website. It can be much more time-consuming if you place lead generation forms around your sites at various places.

However, here comes Monsterinsights that make your work easier and helper. With the help of monsterinsights, you can set form conversion tracking in Google Analytics. This will automatically detect all your type conversions as events without messing with code and manual target settings.


In order to set up form conversion tracking, you need to install the Monsterinsights form Addon. Irrespective of your configuration details, this addon works with any of the contact form plugins deliberately.

Immediately after installing the Monsterinsights plugin, connect it with Google analytics, go to Insights>>Addons and click install in the forms addon.

Once the plugin is installed, a pop up will be shown to activate it. Click on the activate button to make sure the addon is actively running.

Uon the activation of the addon, Monsterinsights records data of your forms and easily displays them in the reports.  You can even view the reports by going into insights>>reports>>Forms.

Also for each and every form report generated, you can view the conversion rates, impressions and number of conversions.

Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics:

Once we have set up the form conversion tracking, next you need to see which source drives the most number of leads. Although MonsterInsights displays you how the forms work and which one converts the best. You’ll need to go to your Google Analytics account to find out where your leads come from.

Once you have logged in to your account, go to behaviour>>Events>>Top events from the menu, you can see the forms click on it.

Next you’ll see the event action and the final impressions and conversions. Since we want to see the source of the people who completed the form, click on the conversions button.

You can see all the forms that are submitted by the visitors. Select any form and click on the secondary dimensions that will illustrate the source where your visitors had come and completed your form.

Tracking form conversion sources using WPforms:

You can also track conversions using WPForms. Just install and activate the WPform addon. This wpforms requires a higher plan to access the addon and to view the reports.

Once the addon is activated, just go to the WPForms>>Entries and then select the form available to see the user history. 

You’ll see a list of entries for your form after that. Click the Display button for any user and see the journey they made before submitting the form.

Now let’s discuss how to use that data generated from the form conversion for effective impact.

Usage of data from the form conversion tracking source:

You’d like to pull in a lot of traffic and conversions as a marketer. One way to do so is by monitoring the lead source. 

But if you’re an organisation that measures performance by calculating the number of forms filled out or produced leads, then it’s more important than ever to track form conversion sources. 

Here’s what you can do by finding the conversion sources for your type.

  • You can easily find the new and create opportunities for the partners with other websites.
  • Also finds the best channels to promote your marketing campaigns.


I hope the above content best illustrates how to set up the form conversion tracking using Monsterinsights and also how to use that data for better.