Ecommerce is the most rapidly emerging sector of today’s economy. With the evolution of digitization, the user base of ecommerce websites is sky high. The sector turns out to be helpful for both the merchant and the consumer as well.
There are numerous channels using which one can earn from an ecommerce website. The 2 major emerging sectors for the same are affiliate marketing and digital marketing along with many others.

Methods to earn from ecommerce website:-

Affiliate Marketing:-

affiliate marketing

This is a performance based rewarding system in which the ecommerce website hoster rewards all the affiliates in accordance with the traffic they get to the website by their marketing efforts. There are 3 major players that form the channel for affiliate marketing:-

  • The buyer or someone who looks out for the product.
  • The affiliate who redirects the customer to the seller’s website and gets commission according to his marketing efforts.
  • The seller or merchant who is selling the ultimate product that the consumer wants to buy.

You can also run an online affiliate program using which you can divert the traffic on your website to your seller’s website by rendering their click on a particular URL or picture that navigates them to the seller’s website i.e. the target landing page.

Below, we have enlisted different channels under affiliate marketing using which you can earn hefty sums of money!

1. Search Marketing- Under this channel, the affiliates promote the goods of the seller by leveraging them on the search engines using various paid and unpaid advertising channels such as Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google AdWords, Organic searches and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) models.

By promoting these goods both, the affiliates and the sellers get to earn their share according to the terms between them. There are a number of media advertising agencies whose primary work is to promote the goods of their clients through this model.

Some important players in the ECommerce industry who use this type of affiliate program to derive traffic on their websites are eBay and Amazon along with many others.

2. Related affiliate marketing- This is the form of marketing strategy in which the ecommerce affiliate marketing website, the product through his personal channels such as a blog, podcast, website, reviewing agencies etc. This form works by providing leads such as direct links, advertising posters, pictures etc. on your website that would take the prospective buyer to the seller’s website.
For instance, you can draw traffic to site/blog by marketing the available paytm movie coupons and earn commission from those.
You’ll earn in accordance with the number of people that click in your leads and navigate to the seller’s channel. This form of marketing does not require any capital expenditure and it can fetch you a good amount of money if your channel is popular.
Some major ecommerce websites that use this selling practice are Flipkart, Amazon and Shopify.

3. Involved affiliate marketing- This is the most monetizing and helpful form of promotion. Under this form, you just have to recommend a product that you have used in accordance with your own experience with that product. This form of marketing is effective when the ecommerce affiliate networks is someone who is trusted and followed by the target audience.
One does not require any kind of prior investment to facilitate this type of promotion and the lead here is the recommendation and review of the product by the affiliate!

To run an affiliate program and monetize from it, you have to follow the simple steps enlisted below:-

  • Decide the business model from the options mentioned above.
  • Find ecommerce platforms and best affiliate programs 2017 with them.
  • Select products and mention them in your medium along with the leads.
  • You earn according to the number of people who would follow your leads.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Anything that is used to attract, engage and convert consumers online can be termed as digital marketing. Further, digital marketing comprises of the following:-

1. SEO and SEM- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basically comprises of all the tactics and efforts required to derive free traffic from search engines.

On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a wider concept which focuses on the overall visibility of a product on the search engines. It includes both, organic results as well as paid campaigns.

2. Content and social media marketing This is the method that encourages the use of good content and posting of it on various mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress etc. This would not only generate leads for your product but it would also help in enhancing your public relations.

3. E-mail marketing This form of marketing involves advertising products through e-mails to the prospective buyer. This is a great medium to inform the customer about the product but more frequency of e-mails might annoy the receiver.

4. Viral marketing Want to turn a business into an overnight success? You got to try this medium out! It involves creating something hilarious, weird or trendy and get noticed by the masses. Who knows when your business itself becomes the new trend!

Most affiliate e-commerce store websites have to focus on their online presence today. Hence, digital marketing is an exciting opportunity that shall help you in earning some precious bucks.
You can work as a freelancer and earn on the basis of the traffic you generate for the seller or you can work as a part of a digital marketing agency and earn a specific decent amount.

Business Process Outsourcing jobs:-
outsourcing jobs

In a dynamic world like today’s, all the e-commerce ventures seek specialization. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves contracting the responsibility of certain operations of a business to a third party.
E-Commerce companies often outsource functions like packaging, marketing, reviewing of products, shipment etc. so that they can focus on their intrinsic functions.

One can also earn a decent amount of money by performing such functions for the seller. Corporate giants like Ford, Microsoft, and American Express along with many others outsource their integral functions to Indian agencies and freelancers!

There is no denying the fact that the E-Commerce industry today does not restrict to just buying and selling of goods and services. In the status-quo, it is more about the growth of the community.
E-Commerce is one of the most promising industries when it comes to future expansion and prosperity. With such great opportunities, one can definitely sustain his livelihood by working for his favorite online megastore!