Friday, November 16, 2018
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As we discussed in the previous session about creating service in Angularjs which means wiring objects together to use dependency injection. For this session go through below links.

Now using ng-Controller how to create an angular page? Let’s step into the example for better idea. Creating JavaScript file as AngularformsApp.js

In this file need to create Angular module,’angularFormApp’ to add controller’s constructor function to module using
.controller method. Now controller function will be created out of the global scope, Now displaying the welcome message in the html page. Let’s check it in the below html code.

Now we will check another example to work with angularjs forms using ng-controller constructor methods. Let’s create a sample demo from and post the values to server, Here I am using codeigniter as backend framework; if you are not familiar with codeigniter please go through the sample articles below. You can get idea about creating model, view and Controllers.

You have an idea to create controller constructor method to post the form data using angular module.


Now we will create codeigniter controller and model functions to insert the Form data to mysql database table.

Now check the model file, how the data is inserted to database table using codeigniter.

Thanks for reading this article.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
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This post is really helpful for the beginners who are very eager to learn. Thanks a lot.

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