Thursday, February 22, 2018

Now I want to share a small incident occurs recently to me, one of my friend working in company suddenly, he make a call to me regarding a task related to codeigniter, I responded the call and share my thoughts on his task and successfully deployed, I got an idea to share same task which is populating text boxes on selecting dropdown box using codeigniter. It would be helpful for others, looking for same functionality.

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I will explain in detail what I had done to execute it successfully, let’s walk through the topic.

In this article, I used post method to pass the selected dropdown id to fetch the values from database table. Let assume a dummy values in the table below.


Now we will check controller functions, which are declared as below.



when user selects the dropdown in subscription form ,onchange event will fire and get the values of sub_duration and sub_cost
Thanks for reading this article,for any queries please use comment system.

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