Jquery popup in for loop using codeigniter

How to use jquery popup in for loop using codeigniter?
For this we use jquery ui plugin.
Now creating html view using codeigniter, as shown below.

In the above code we use foreach condition to display Database table values .
Using this html view we can update the table row , now create lookup function to display editable values in popup window .let’s check below javascript function .
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In above post method we are passing bank_id to controller dashboard editbankloandetails function. Here in controller we will get details of the table using bank_id and displayed in separate view as shown below.

The above view will be displayed in jquery popup window, now we will check controller function to get the values of database table using bank_id which is got from first view as below.

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Now we will add javascript function to edit the bank loan details, which will add in jquery_poopup view as below.


Here I am not writing insert method in controller, as you know how to write insert method using codeigniter framework. What I am trying to explain is to display popup window in for loop while clicking edit link in the jquery_poopup.php view.

Thanks for reading this article.

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