Codeigniter advanced search functionality implementation.

Today I will explain how to add codeigniter advanced search functionality implementation, here I am taking auto sales advanced search example.

Now I will create view page as search_view.php, now add search tabs using html and css
in view page.

Now create two tables as State_cities and make_models to display content dynamically in search_view.php page

Step 1: In first step I will get state and city values by populating dropdown box using JavaScript onchange function selctcitys().
It will call controller function and return the data to success function in JavaScript to display result in html .
Step 2: In second step I will get make and model values by populating drop down box using javascript onchange function selctmakemain(),It will call controller function and return the data to html .
Step 3:In third step I will get the check box value using array ,if it is checked then JavaScript onclick function viewSearch() fire,here I am storing the value and passing to
Controller function to get best and accurate results to display in results view.
Now we will see the controller functions for above discussed functions.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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