New York City is a major hub for entities that operate within the nonprofit sphere. The city is known for the countless numbers of amazing organizations that are out there making a big difference for many. With this in mind, anyone who is looking for a worthwhile organization to lend their own support to should have an easy time accomplishing this in New York City. The list of organizations is staggering but this list should help. These are the top 5 nonprofits that are going strong in New York right now. These are organizations that are making a true difference in the community and the greater world. They are all worthy of significant praise and listed in no specific order.

  1. St. Nicks Alliance

This Brooklyn-based nonprofit has made a major impact on the lives of countless individuals from income backgrounds in the low and mid-range levels. This is accomplished by this vibrant nonprofit’s ability to provide those it serves in opportunities in the area of education and employment as well as helping with healthcare and housing concerns. St. Nicks Alliance has been doing this good work for the community now for the past forty-plus calendar years. This organization’s commitment to an oversight in the fiscal area has earned it much praise as well.

  1. Animal Care Centers

Animal Care Centers is one of the top New York region nonprofits because of its commitment to the welfare of animals. The organization was launched in 1995 and has had a successful twenty-plus year run that has seen much good work done. This is also a great nonprofit because of the professionalism with which it is operated. Animal Care Centers currently has over 350 dedicated employees that are helping to make it all happen. This is an organization that is consistently healthy from a financial standpoint as well.

  1. Community Solutions

Community Solutions makes this list for good reason. The organization’s commitment to using its nonprofit platform to provide New York region individuals with valuable housing and shelter solutions is worthy of significant amounts of praise. This is an organization that is also fiscally strong and bringing in over $12.5 in revenue annually.

  1. Safe Horizon

Manhattan’s Safe Horizon is a nonprofit that makes this top five list by way of a commitment to providing support and calling for justice for those who have fallen victim to the effects of crime and abusive situations. The excellent tech infrastructure that Safe Horizon utilizes is another aspect that sets this forward-thinking nonprofit apart from the pack.

  1. Teach To One

New York’s Teach to One is a nonprofit organization that is making a dramatic impact on today’s educational field. The organization has earned its strong reputation by way of the unique learning programs that it has made available to math students at the middle school level. The personalized nature of the Teach to One program has helped to change the face of the learning experience for many students. This program also allows for today’s math teachers to use their talents in a collaborative manner that helps to provide learning experiences for students that are rewarding and enriching. These factors have helped to make this innovative nonprofit a real standout in the New York region.

 These five nonprofits are all doing work of critical importance in the respective areas that they are focussing on. It can be hard to stand out in a field of nonprofits as dense as that which exists in New York City but these five organizations have set themselves apart by way of their excellent work.