The vast majority of businesses are using social media for marketing purposes. Many of these companies cannot keep up with the daily demands of managing their social media presence while also effectively running their businesses. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for social media managers.

If you are passionate about social media, have great written communication skills, are super organized, and have the ability to use technology to collect and analyze data, you might have a future as a social media manager. The following guide will help you get off to a perfect start.

The Duties of The Social Media Manager

Social media managers perform a variety of functions. The specifics depend on the needs of the organization for whom they are working. Here is a list of some of the tasks that commonly fall to the social media manager:

  • Managing Content Marketing Efforts: This might include the creation of social media content, writing white papers and other long-form content, managing content marketing teams, content promotion, and curation.
  • Consulting Services: Rather than hiring or contracting the services of a freelance social media manager, many companies opt to pay for consulting services. In these cases, you will meet with business owners or representatives to provide advice on their social media strategies and help them to solve any problems they are having. If your help proves to be fruitful, this can be the start of an ongoing relationship between you and your client.
  • Auditing Social Media: Many business owners are rightly concerned about their current standing on social media. Because of this, they hire social media managers to look audit their social media presence and identify areas of concern, and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Social Media Account Management: Companies who have little to no experience with social media often need help from the ground up. This includes setting up and maintaining social media accounts, and providing advice on which social media platforms are the best option.
  • Advertising: Social media managers frequently provide advice to companies on where they should be spending their social media advertising dollars.
  • Strategy Development: One common task assigned to the SMM is the development of a holistic social media strategy.
  • Social Media Manager: In the most traditional version of this role, you will be charged with posting social media updates, responding to comments, and promoting posts on behalf of your employer or client.

Honing Your Skills

If you want to land a high paying SMM job, you have to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills you need. Check out these quick ways to get up to speed.

  • Hit up Amazon For Books on Content Marketing And Social Media Management
  • Subscribe to Blogs Related to Social Media Management And Digital Marketing
  • Check Out Lord of Papers For Content Marketing Advice And Editing Services
  • Look Into Online Courses on Digital Marketing And Social Media
  • Find The Best Tools For Posting Promoting And Analyzing Content

Remember that your potential clients may not have any resources available for you at all. This means you have to be prepared to have everything you need to help your client create the best possible social media presence.

Getting Hired

Now that you fully understand the job, and you’ve developed a solid skill set, it is time to start looking for work. This means creating a web and social media presence for yourself. In essence, you will be your own first client. Here’s what you will need to do to get started:

  • Create a Professional Website: There are many solutions that you can pick for developing and hosting your website. Whatever you do, invest in one that is reputable, and one that provides you with your own personal URL.
  • Add great content to your website. Let visitors know which services that you offer. Provide easy to access contact information. If you have testimonials and a few clients, make sure to include that information as well.
  • Get a Real Email Address: Don’t use Gmail or Yahoo. Instead, create an email account that matches the name on your website.
  • Get Active on Social Media: At first, your social media presence will be proof of your abilities.
  • Write Content: Start a blog covering social media topics. Then, reach out to relevant blogs and publications and offer to create content for them as well. Write white papers and ebooks as well.
  • Use Platforms Like Google And Facebook For Targeted Advertising: This will get your information to people most likely to be interested in hiring an SMM.
  • Put Together an Email Marketing Strategy: Gate some of your long form content to entice people to subscribe.
  • Develop Compelling Landing Pages: When potential clients hit your landing pages, they are often very close to converting. A well designed landing page can absolutely help you make a sale.
  • Look Into Online Job Boards: These jobs don’t pay much money. On the other hand, it can be a way to get a few clients and a bit of experience.


The career of a social media manager has the potential to be both lucrative and interesting. As a social media freelancer, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and perform a variety of functions in each one. You will need to work hard and educate yourself to get a start in this field. Bookmark this guide so that  you can reference it as you work towards your career goals.