Do you want to manage your business effectively from any part of the world? This list of tools for organizing remote work will help one quickly get acquainted with the best services and find those that fit your situation the most.

Instead of reading wordy tool descriptions available on the market, you can save time by browsing this article. Welcome to our quick guide on online tools with brief descriptions. There are 1000s of remote businesses nowadays, look at Everyone’s MD for example. They provide doctors consultations, all from the comfort of their own home thanks to video calling.

Managing Workflow


Asana says of itself that it “reinvents the communication among the team.” This tool helps in creating and distributing goals and group tasks into joint projects, organizing communication via chat for each task, and attaching files from Dropbox and GoogleDrive. Asana is a crucial tool used in NYC maid service companies, like Maid Marines, to help keep them organized.


If you are a freelance web developer, Assembla will help you manage the projects. Its features are aimed at ticket tracking, time management, product reports, simplifying your releases, and dealing with bugs. In addition, Assembla’s description says: “Installation is easier than Jira.”


Everyone can use Basecamp to manage the projects: organize your calendars, create meeting schedules, track delegated tasks, and keep documents.


It’s not a project management tool. However, it can also play this role. 

Basically, this one is a team management app that allows the user to keep the things in order – docs, important notes, goals, production requirements, boards, and so on. 


People are often looking for tools that can bring high-quality content for their business. Students all over the world choose EssayPro – the essay writing service. 

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This product has originally been designed for web developers, and it looks like everybody loves it! GitHub creates software with a remotely located team, and there is a commenting feature on the code, as well as convenient open-source and private project management options.


For goals such as managing tasks, shared calendars and files, commenting on attached images, helpful group chat, Glip is a great solution. Convenient search in all chat rooms makes things run faster than ever.


This is a top-notch management tool for any team. Using Jira, you can delegate tasks and track the progress of each part of the work.

It also comes with a useful mobile interface that makes project management more convenient.


Evaluation functionality for measuring and adding a feedback about the quality of the job is what distinguishes Taskworld from all the analogues. 

With Taskworld, you can track the quality of your work or team results based on measurable transparent metrics. The rest of the features make it a tool for managing projects and monitoring tasks and subtasks.


A straightforward tool for creating notes on what has to be done (to-do sheets) and which team member should do it. Trello is a “sticker board on steroids.”


Wunderlist can be described as a personal to-do list on one’s phone. Yet, some also use it to track customer service. 

Bonus – Tools for Online Meetings

This particular tool is great for meetings and meets the need for quick and easy screen sharing.


This one is a very convenient tool for conducting online meetings with clients or team members. If you are looking for a solid video call tool, choose this option. It works fast, and the call quality is the top level.

Google Hangouts

Many of us already use Hangouts because of its versatility and accessibility. Best choice as it correlates with Google Calendar.

Run Your Business Remotely

Wrapping Up

The transition to remote operations is happening with companies all around the world. It involves not only freelancers but also remote office workers and those who want to become one of them. 

It is useful to know what tools are at your service. The workflow is different from person to person, and the list of tasks and goals is individual.

Still, successful remote workers have something in common: they all solve problems. And, since the implementation of tasks is directly related to the organization of yourself and your affairs, it is important to find a tool that suits you best.