Red Hat is an open culture where the best ideas win. It provides open source software solutions to many of the world wide challenging companies like IBM. The red hat software is designed in such a way so as to meet the needs of the customers which deliver high performance, scalable, flexible, reliable and other stable technologies.

The red hat software provides the red hat enterprise linux, red hat cluster storage, red hat satellite, red hat openstack platform, red hat Jboss Middleware and red hat enterprise virtualization etc. It provides the cloud based native applications, integrate, manage, secure and manage the complex environments with winning support, training and consulting services.

Red hat is recognised as the second largest corporate contributor of the linux kernel version 4.14.

On October 28, 2018 IBM announced its intent to acquire red hat for 34$ billions.

Red hat linux platforms:

Red hat Enterprise Linux:

The red hat enterprise linux is a consistent platform for the enterprise hybrid cloud. It powers the apps that run your business across all clouds with award winning support. It is the #1 reason why several Fortune Global 500 Companies choose red hat.

Red hat enterprise Linux 8 beta:

The red hat enterprise linux 8 beta helps to power the IT future there by preserving the present. The vision of it is to create innovate ideas, extend and to transform the business IT well.It helps to work with the emerging and current world of enterprise IT. The next gen are going to use the digital transformations across the hybrid cloud where the organizations are going to use the linux containers and kubernetes to deliver products and services.

However the enterprise linux 8 beta demands for innovation with stability and productivity. It introduces the concept of application streams so as to deliver the user packages more simply and flexibility. The beta version supports more efficient linux networking in containers through IPVLAN.

An OS for every occasion: Server Variants

It is very easy to modernize your IT infrastructure with red hat enterprise linux addition. You can extend your linux infrastructure with the customized versions of red hat enterprise linux, add-on functionality, desktop options and developer tools. The red hat solutions helps you to migrate from legacy systems thereby reducing the operational costs.

  • Red hat enterprise linux atomic host: It is very secure and optimized linux server to run linux containers. It couples with flexibility, lightweight, reliability and scalability. With the atomic host you can deliver the apps very fast, reduce support and maintenance efforts.
    • Red Hat enterprise linux server for High Performing Computing(HPC):It is a robust platform which helps the scientific users to tackle the workload challenges by deploying clusters of systems. Minimizes the failure points and security issues.
    • Red hat enterprise linux for Power: It includes the additional power of IBM components and user packages. Enables the efficient operating systems, increases IT staff productivity and supports the latest IBM power system features.
    • Red Hat enterprise Linux for IBM z Systems: Runs linux certified apps on IBM z Systems. It brings apps to mainframe and delivers efficient management for linux workloads.
    • Red hat enterprise linux for real time: It is a computing platform for the deadline oriented apps and time sensitive workloads. Inherits the stability and maturity of the red hat enterprise linux.
    • Red hat enterprise linux SAP applications and Solutions: It reduces the complexity of your SAP applications and database deployments. Also provides the scalable solutions for the demanding issues. It’s environment is pre configured for performance and optimized SAP solutions.

    Features and benefits of red hat enterprise linux:

    The features of the red hat enterprise linux are:

    Security Built In:

    The red hat enterprise linux gives you the built in security feature. It places the data in secure containers. Safely deploys the apps across the physical, virtual and cloud environments with support form the team.

    99.999% uptime:

    Reliability, availability and serviceability features for the advanced hardware and cloud computing delivers 99.999% uptime to the enterprise users.

    Trust the linux experts with linux containers:

    They deliver the apps with much consistency, portable nature and security.

    Breaking performances:

    The red hat enterprise linux gives the high computational scalability, application performance and database throughput.

    Access to innovation:

    It is more than a software as it access to open source innovation. It mainly concentrates on the requirements and deliver enterprise ready innovations for your business.

    Are you ready to modernize your IT infrastructure then simply go through the red hat enterprise linux platform. You can easily deploy your applications in redhat enterprise linux as it measures your security, reliability and is trustworthy.