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New Zealand Networking: Where Is The Best Coworking Location In Auckland

While start-ups and the small business might have been at the helm of establishing the coworking location in New Zealand, businesses of all sizes have benefitted from the coworking format. The coworking location around the world has been a jumping off point for SMEs and start-ups to get established, but in New Zealand’s larger cities, the coworking space provides larger companies with flexible, affordable office space for temporary to long-term employment situations. With so many offices to choose from, it is hard to separate the better ones from the best.

Because the coworking location is a community that pretty much defines itself, finding the best is not the only goal of any search. Instead, finding a space that fits the needs of your business can result in helping your business succeed. Auckland’s coworking scene, with a landscape as diverse as its professional population, has established an inclusive coworking culture comprised of many different types of spaces.

Continue reading to learn more about the best coworking spaces in Auckland to help you choose the best space for your business.

Servcorp Auckland

The serviced office provider has established itself around the world as a leader in providing premium office space, but the Servcorp mission has evolved to include alternative solutions to office space. The coworking space is just one of a few new plans on the menu and provides businesses with a variety of amenities, including space in some of the most prestigious districts around the world and in Auckland. Furthermore, its international landscape allows professionals more flexibility in reserving and using space from facilities in any country it has an office. Click the following link at to see Auckland’s take on the coworking phenomenon.

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Servcorp – Vero Centre

The Servcorp Vero Centre is located in Auckland and one of the key features of this space is it is located in New Zealand’s tallest building, and one of its most beautiful. Some of the essentials include access to meeting rooms, community events, and private offices. Professionals get the chance to engage others at the end of a hard week the chance to mix and mingle with others in the community.

Do not be overwhelmed by the amenities that appear on the menu because the prices are reasonable. This space is frequented by all types of professionals who want to benefit from the eclectic atmosphere and diverse array of professions that populate the space. Like many coworking spaces, there is an emphasis on providing social interaction through activities as a part of the workspace, but work is always the priority.

Servcorp – PwC Tower

Servcorp PwC Tower is located on Quay Street and offers businesses workspace and meeting space in a very exclusive area – the CBD. Those working in this building will benefit from having access to café and restaurant, in addition to some very cool artwork that sits in the walls lining the lobby. The office offers businesses similar access to world-class meeting and conference rooms, comfortable workspace, and IT support. With an emphasis on providing professional polish to the corporate environment, Servcorp once again manages to offer professionals a fit out to rival any others in the city.

Your Space In Auckland’s Coworking Clime

As you can see, coworking spaces are very diverse in Auckland with some placing emphasis on creature comforts and others doing a very good job at aligning their mission with coworking’s original mission to focus on collaboration. Servcorp offers just a few of the major coworking spaces you can find in a city that continuously is redefining the coworking concept. As new spaces open up, we can only wonder how coworking will evolve.

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