Many hardwood floor installers are working and contracting around your town. Furthermore, as the homeowner, you must hire the contractor that will not waste your money.

This article will give you tips on hiring hardwood floor installers that have the value for your money.

Key points to ponder

1. It would help if you compared estimates

All flooring contractors have different estimates because they have different assumptions and strategies to employ. You will expect that you will receive various information that will make it difficult to determine the best contractor.


  • Ask each interested contractor to list all the steps they will perform to complete the job at hand.
  • Ask the contractors to verify if they will be working by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Make sure you have an idea about standards

2. Put everything in writing

Once you have selected the contractor that is best suited for your task, then it is time to draw up a contract. The contract must state the specific materials the contractor will use. Also, the agreement must be saying the particular installation methods. Furthermore, the deal should be mentioning the scope of the job you want from the contractor.


  • Add a penalty clause to the contract. It is one way to put accountability and security as the owner.
  • Penalties can ensure the utmost quality of work

3. Make the payments in tranches

Do not give the full amount. It will provide you with stress at the end of the day. It is better to split the payments in schedule and by progress. Jotting the amounts in the plan will prevent the contractor from dodging their responsibilities


  • Commonly, payment tranches will be:  

First, pay 30% upon contract signing

Second, pay 30% when materials arrive at the location and shall have at least 40% output

Third pay 30% when the achievement of production reaches 80%

Final pay 10% when the job is completed


4. Check the references of the contractor

When customers are happy, they will never be ashamed of giving their feedback and recommendations. Speak to at least three former customers. Choose customers that are should be a mix of recent and old ones. Hence, it will give you a better idea of the contractor’s quality of work.


  • Ask for photographs of their work from the former customers

hardwood floor installers

5. Check insurance policy and business license

Make sure that the contractor is legitimate and has the caliber of satisfying the needs of your home. The business license is a document provided by the city or municipal government granting a business the authority to operate.


  • Ask for the DEC page or the business license and declaration page in their insurance policy
  • The DEC page will tell you the overview of the policyholder, contact in case of claims and how much the insurance policy can cover.
  • You should also know if the persons mentioned in the profile and policy are employees or subcontractors. If they are subcontractors, you should ask for the DEC page as well. Often, having subcontractors can cause a lower quality of work.
  • Check there are claims or issues about the contractor.

6. Don’t always go to the lowest price

Since many contractors would probably be interested in working for your home project, expect they will be offering the most economical price the possible.


  • Do not be deceived on price figures. Include in your research the tariffs of professional wood floor installers and recommendations.