Custom boxes have made their way in every sector. No business can even think of packaging its products without using custom printed boxes. If you are a small business entrepreneur and going to start a new business, you might have definitely thought about the packaging of your brand. The one who is new in this field sometimes feels reluctant to go for custom packaging. Assuming that they might not afford it because of its cost or other technological advancements, but it is not the case. Even the small entrepreneurs can use custom packaging for their brand in an effective way without disturbing their budget. Just you need to have knowledge of some of the important aspects of custom packaging. Here is a complete guide book for small entrepreneurs that how they can earn through custom boxes.

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Have Complete Knowledge of Material:

Once you have entered the business, you should have complete knowledge about the different types of materials and their characteristics. Cardboard is the most versatile and affordable material. Due to its distinguished features, it has become a preferred choice of various manufacturers. So it is wise to use cardboard boxes for the packaging of your products. You should be able of distinguishing between cardboard, corrugated paperboard, and Kraft Paper. Once you are clear of the characteristics of each one, you can choose the best material accordingly. For example, if you have to make shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard is most recommended as it is extremely strong and durable. If you have to design the packaging of household products like soap, cereals or other food items, then lightweight Kraft boxes are the best choice. Thus, it’s better to make an analysis of the nature of the product along with the various types of materials to choose the best cardboard boxes which suit your requirement.

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Choose a Suitable box style:

Once you have decided to create custom boxes for your brand, it’s necessary to work on box style. The type of the box you chose depends upon the nature of the product you want to place in. You have a number of options to choose from box styles like product boxes, shipping or mailer boxes, eco-friendly boxes, display boxes, gold foil boxes, silver foil boxes, favor boxes, gable boxes and much more. Moreover, you can also design custom boxes with logo to create more awareness about your brand. Every product has unique characteristics and demands different packaging.  For example, if you have a bakery business, you need to design bakery boxes which protect the items and retain their freshness for long. Moreover, you also need to consider additional features you want to introduce in the box like handles, inserts, sleeves or windows etc. so working on box style helps you in designing a packaging which stands out.

Finalize the dimensions:

Custom packaging allows you to design a perfect size box for your products. Working on the dimensions of the custom printed boxes at “TheCustomBoxes” is an essential step of the process. For this purpose, you need to analyze the size of the product. Measure its dimensions. It is recommended to keep a margin of the half to one an inch while designing the custom boxes. This allows the product to be easily placed inside the box without damaging its sides. It also provides space for bubble wrap and filler material in the case of fragile items. Preparing an accurate size box with little or no movement is the best way to ensure maximum protection for the products.

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Collect the Information to go with the Box:

While designing custom boxes, it is essential to gather the information to be printed on the box. It facilitates the customers in getting aware of various aspects of the product prior to its use. For example in the case of edible items, the company should print information about ingredients, nutritional value, manufacture and expiry dates, direction to use, manufacturer details and other related information. It not only makes your product valuable rather it’s a way to meet the legal compliances.

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Analyze Printing and Other Alternates:

Printing is a thing which can change the entire look of your packaging. By using advanced techniques like offset printing and full-color digital printing, you can design the custom boxes in a mesmerizing way. Some of the small business entrepreneurs think that they can’t afford to print mainly because of its cost but there are various packaging manufacturers which provide custom printing services to small-scale businesses and start-ups. They can take a small order size to serve the need of new entrepreneurs. Although it is true that nothing is more valuable than high-tech printing but there are also a number of alternates to make your package stand out. The use of branded sticker or a custom tape is a cost-effective way to enhance the attractiveness of the box. They appear similar to printing and make your package durable by fastening it from sides. Another option is to use a printed stamp. It’s a good option for mailer and subscription boxes. Although it takes to take to stamp a number of packages individually, it produces high-quality results in an affordable way. Never forget to take advantage of color. If you do not want to print your box, introduce an attractive color according to your brand image. All these tactics are extremely cost-effective but they can make your package stand out among the competitors.

Hire a Custom Manufacturer:

Once you have worked on all the aspects of custom packaging, the final step is to hire a custom box manufacturer. If you search on the Internet you will find a number of wholesale manufacturers to provide you with custom packaging at cost-effective rates. Many of them take small order size, as low as 50 or 100 boxes, making them highly suitable for small business entrepreneurs. Once you decided your packaging partner, finalize various details. You can customize the shape, size, color, and style of the packaging according to your requirement. If you want to design custom boxes with logo it’s your choice. Decide whether you want to create a minimalistic packaging design or the one with bold and flashy colors. Various add on effects like a glossy/matte finish, die-cut patterns, embossing, de-bossing, spot UV and foil stamping etc can be introduced on demand. A team of experts is at your service to guide you throughout the designing phase. Once you have finalized everything you will be delivered with perfect packaging at your doorstep.  

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Earn through Custom Boxes:

It’s the time to earn through custom boxes. Custom packaging allows you to provide a great experience to the customers. It can convert a simple looking box to an attractive one to grasp the attention of customers. Moreover, in order to provide an interesting box opening experience, you can adopt some of the easy tactics. Enclose the product in a tissue wrap, tie a ribbon on it. Use inserts dividers or support cushions for the products which have more than one part or other accessories. Place a small gift along with the main product or add a thank you note, promotional material or a discounted voucher to delight the customer. All these efforts do not cost much but they are a great way to engage the customers towards your brand. It generates a positive word of mouth and results in repetitive purchases. This makes your earning through custom packaging much easier.

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