An integrated communications software solution is a place where all of your business communications, including emails and phone calls, can be displayed. It is an easy and accessible platform that is username and password protected for your company, meaning only staff can access it. Here are four great reasons why your business could benefit from using an integrated communications software solution.

Improve Phone Conversations

If your company regularly speaks to clients and new customers on the phone, having software that can both record and transcribe these conversations makes life so much simpler. Not only does it mean that you will not forget anything the client has asked you to do, but it also means you can listen to exactly what the client is saying rather than quickly scribbling notes at the same time. Your phone presence is incredibly important to clients and, therefore, having the ability to improve this will impress new and old clients.

Find Information Easily

Providing shared inbox software for teams, such as the one created by Threads, allows your team to communicate through a safe and secure network. Threads is an intelligent solution that uses the most up-to-date software, allowing you to send emails through a shared inbox. Threads also gives you the option of intelligent search, meaning it will automatically search through your indexed data finding exactly what you need with the click of a mouse.

Make More Informed Decisions

If you communicate on a variety of different platforms with your clients, it can be difficult to identify any trends. Having the ability to do a full search history of email and telephone communications means you can easily spot trends and then analyze them. This means in the future you can make more informed decisions for your company and share these with staff. As entering data manually can save you from making mistakes, it also rids you of any human error that may affect your decisions.

Improves the Quality of Your Data

If you have a lot of staff members or you are attempting to expand your business, making certain that the quality of your data is consistent when handed over to all staff members is essential. Whether an employee is absent or decides to leave your business, your data can become vulnerable as staff members forget vital pieces of information about a client. Having peace of mind that all this information all in one place will enable all staff members to work together effectively, which will impress your clients. If a client calls and a new member of staff can re-read through old conversations, your client will be impressed with the quality of your staff handovers and how they handle data, meaning happier customers and more well-informed staff.

Using integrated communications software allows your business to improve phone conversations, have more effective staff handovers, and allows you to make more informed decisions regarding your business. Software such as Threads even offers a free trial, meaning you can see what this can do for you before spending a penny.