In the pre-digital world, buyers used to walk down the long retail aisles to choose what to buy based on their interaction with design, shape, colors, and message of packaging. Unfortunately, this was the only way for customers to make shopping choices. Thankfully, things have changed as in-person shopping experience is greatly enhanced with quick mobile search and one-touch online buying.   

Brands are continually learning and adapting to the reality of how electronic commerce is altering the course of retail experience. As a matter of fact, companies that once were focused entirely on the traditional business model are now scrambling to find the best online platforms to reach consumers in order to sell their products. 

Packaging has remained a key differentiator and champion for branding and marketing products in the retail environment. As buying habits continue to change, packaging is proving more crucial to enhance the customer experience. This depicts that the role of packaging is rapidly changing and cosmetic boxes aren’t an exception.

Here’s how cosmetic manufacturers are adapting to the change.

Embracing Digital Marketing

It has become evident that e-commerce wasn’t just a fad rather it proved to be a game-changing phenomenon. Consequently, a high percentage of cosmetic brand owners were quick to embrace the change for the new supply chain. 

While some persisted with the same packaging form, style, shape, and brand message that has worked wonders for them in retail for years, others created a generic version of their packages for online transactions to cut the cost. After all, they have already won the customer, so why spend too much on the cosmetic box

This may have worked for brands in the early years of transition, but progressive business owners have recognized the opportunity and started mulling over online transactions differently.   

Risks & Costs Associated with Old Packaging Styles 

The risks of persisting with current or old packaging forms and messaging intended for in-store experience are similar. The packaging that a brand uses for retail stores is based on how well it accommodates your product and aligned with your go-to-market supply chain model. 

Sadly, it doesn’t consider warehouse handling or online shopping carts that ship items to customers in a black bag or brown box. 

Furthermore, packaging elements like print rub and crushing aren’t tested in this case, which should meet the unique needs of e-commerce order processing and shipping. Because packaging is the first physical interaction a consumer has with your brand. And if it creates a negative impact, you’ll lose the opportunity to see repeat sales. 

Digital World & Cosmetic Box Packaging Strategy

Brands have eventually realized they need to create different packaging for retail sales and e-commerce. This means rethinking their R&D process for digital stores. At first, this form of revaluation was considered an additional expense because it requires more funds to develop two different forms of packaging for the same product. 

And since brands are already incurring additional costs to reach and interact with online customers they want the packaging cost to remain low or at least be neutral. Again, they have to reconsider their approach.      

Soon it became evident to some savvy brand marketers that the new packaging approach could turn out to be a positive change and key differentiator when it comes to engaging customers. In other words, they begin to see the brown box or black bag as a gift placed under the Christmas tree. 

They realized they could delight consumers by capturing their excitement in an entirely new way simply by developing new custom cosmetic boxes and brand messaging. 

Imagine opening a package and look for what you ordered online. What if you end up having a more positive experience than you have anticipated? Forward-thinking brands cognize this interaction and are working day in, day out to capitalize on it.

Design Unforgettable Experiences 

Before the dawn of digital shopping, purchase decisions were often based on the customer’s first interaction with the packaging and physical product on the retail shelf. Nowadays, purchase decisions take place before this interaction as customers search and purchase their desired products online. 

As a result, actual interaction with cosmetic products is pushed back to when they arrive at your doorstep. 

Due to this major shift in process customers have to wait for their first interaction with the product and packaging. But smart marketers see it as an opportunity to deliver an unforgettable customer experience with the brand. 

Many are already working to seize this moment and make the first experience even more engaging when the customer gets to unwrap the product for the first time. 

Final Thoughts

If a cosmetic brand is focused on providing topnotch products, they just have to ensure their approach is uniform and custom cosmetic boxes are one-of-a-kind. Because premium packaging will always make your customers say ‘wow’.

With the aforementioned tips to design and print your cosmetic packaging, you can certainly build a huge base of loyal customers in no time. More importantly, a compelling packaging solution can go a long way, be it improving sales, creating a brand’s identity or increasing the perceived value of the encased product.