Today’s fast-paced world requires connectivity and online presence. If you’re business, establishment or company, you will need to be online so your target audience or clients can find you. Nowadays, you need to have both social media presence and a website.

The first one works to attract engagement and send updates to your audience, while the latter establishes you as a credible and reputable business entity.

But I Don’t Have the Budget

Big companies all over the world are known to have spent millions of dollars on their websites alone. Hiring developers, programmers, web designers and content writers do cost some serious money. If you’re just starting out and want to give creating your own website a try, take heart. There is plenty of information out there about building a website. You can even follow step-by-step tutorials and videos to help you as you go. Of course, learn to manage your expectations. You will not end up with a mind-blowing website if you’re just at the beginner level. Keep working at it or have it redesigned or revamped over time when you do have the resources to hire professionals.

Where Do I Start?

We have broken down the steps to creating a website into five easy and manageable steps. This will make sure that your personal or business website runs efficiently and smoothly and makes you easy to find online.

Plan Carefully

There are several factors to consider when building a website, which is why the foremost thing to do is the plan. Focus and ask yourself what message or image do you want your website to convey, who your target audience is, how much time do you have to spend on it, and what your long-term goals are or reasons for building a website.

All these questions will help you create better graphics, videos, or content which will go up on your website. 

If you’re selling something, it will help you make the site more marketable and engaging to the crowd you are looking to engage with. 

Create Your Site

Rome was not built in a day, but your website can be finished in just a matter of hours. You can try creating a blog or go to free sites where you can easily create one of your own. They offer pre-selected templates, drag and drop editors and other cool widgets which will help you add all the important things you want to have on your site.

Get Your Site Hosted

Web hosts will help you get your website up and running. It can give unlimited domain names as well as bandwidth. So for example, if you are planning to build multiple websites in the future, this will be particularly useful for you. 

Buy Your Domain Name

Your domain name and URL should reflect your company name or brand. This can be a little tricky for a newbie, but to simplify, the dot coms are more expensive than dot nets or dot org. However, there are rules governing the use of these extensions. Domain names cost around $10 to $20 per year. Getting a host with a multiple-year package can bring down this cost even more.

If your name is not available, you can add your location or state to make the domain name stand out. 

Post Regular Content

This is where passion comes in. Generating and posting content regularly is a labour of love. It’s a way to keep in touch with your audience and followers. You can upload videos, photos, articles, graphics and other media on your website.

You can also turn it into a blog of sorts if you are catering to a younger crowd. Again, the type of content you need to upload will depend on your goals and your audience. But the point is to keep everyone coming back to your website because of all the awesome content you have.

A great website can be a conversation starter, a source of organic links and shares, and is a good way to generate more engagement for your company or brand. You can make one yourself and see how far you can go!