With the internet advancing and becoming ever more universal it’s appealing to want to want to go online and do your work there. After all, if you can do that, it means you can live location free. All you’ll need is some sort of internet connection for Online Careers.
That means you’ll be able to travel, see the world, or – if that’s not your thing – go live on the beautiful beach somewhere.
So what can you do? And which options are available to you if you don’t actually have that much money? Well, there are quite a few choices, actually.

eBay store owner

You can also become your own boss by crafting something that other people might want and then selling it on eBay. The great thing is that it can be a physical or a virtual object. That’s all up to you.
Initially, you don’t even have to quit your day job. You can just try your hand at selling something, doing half an hour of marketing a day (which doesn’t even have to cost that much) and seeing if it takes off. Then quit when you’re just starting to rake in the money. No risk, lots of reward!

Virtual Assistant

Small companies often don’t have enough money to pay a full-time assistant. So quite often, they’ll look for part-time assistants. As they can’t really expect people to come in for a few hours a day, they’ll generally go virtual instead.
So, got experience as an assistant and don’t want to go into the office anymore? Become a virtual assistant and choose who you work for.

Amazon book seller

This one’s possible to you even if you don’t know how to write books. Just find some interesting niche that amazon doesn’t have enough books on (but in which there’s a lot of interest) and get somebody else to write the book on it.
Then market the book hard, turn it into a hit, earn passive income, and move on to the next one.

School essay writer

A lot of students would prefer to party instead of writing their own essays. And where there is something that has to get done but people don’t want to do it, there’s an opportunity to make money. So, if you’ve got a degree and actually enjoyed writing, you can help to get academic help for students. Just start working away!

Content marketing writer online careers

If you’re decent with the written word, why not create text for content marketing? There are now companies in nearly any sector you can imagine – from water damage to how to freelance from the open road – that are looking for content creators. So if you have a bit of experience in a sector, you can probably find a company that will pay you to write for them.

Social Media Influencer

Followers are worth money and those that can attract them get paid plenty to do so. So, if you’ve got a natural knack to attract lots of followers, you might be sitting on a gold mine. You can get into social media influencer marketing.
All you’ve got to do is keep growing your social media profiles and find companies that will pay you money to showcase their products.

Web developer online careers

Somebody has to build the sites out there. And why shouldn’t it be you? It’s getting easier and easier, as there is more software to help you out. And where there isn’t any software, there are Youtube videos to help you with the rest.
Sure, when you’re starting out it might not immediately earn you a fortune, but as you get better and more knowledgeable, your fees go up to where you can charge a small fortune a day.

Last words

And you know what the best part is? We’re only just starting to understand what’s possible online. That means that as time moves on there will doubtlessly be more opportunities to make your money online.
All you’ve got to do is keep your ear to the ground and you might be able to position yourself for the next big thing before it’s big yet. Then you’ll be at the top of the heap when the money starts rolling in. Doesn’t that sound sweet?


Daniela McVicker is a journalist, writer and blogger who writes on the topics related to business, marketing and social media. Also she writes for Get Academic Help. You can follow Daniela on Twitter