Pre-made software or more commonly known as off-the-shelf may be a quick fix to address a particular issue in your company. But, they can have functional and other security issues and you will need IT services in Dublin to handle them. And, what if your company grows bigger and you would need a better and secure solution than what the pre-made software offers? The immediate solution in your mind could be to buy another pre-made software. Well, that could just result in expensive spending in the long run compared to having a company create a custom solution for you.

When you have a custom software, you can manipulate it to suit your specific needs. It eliminates unnecessary functions that most pre-made software have and will ensure your operations are secure and simplified.

Here are more reasons why your company should consider a custom software made for your business process:

Simple and Effective

The concept of custom software is built around the foundation of simplicity. A company will build a software that will be tailored to your specific needs, nothing more and nothing less. This eliminates the unnecessary details that you do not need so you can only focus on your business goals. This makes your whole business process more efficient.

Identity and Brand

Branding will be more effective if you apply it even in the internal setting of your business. A custom software can brand your autoresponders and internal forms. This creates a better identity for your business and sometimes the smallest details are what matter the most.

Workflow Efficiency

Custom software is built around the specifics of your business. A good company will make sure that the functionality of the software will be in congruence with your needs. As a result of this alignment, using the software in your business process will make the workflow faster and have more efficiency.

Total Ownership

Obviously, you will pay for the software. This means that you have total ownership of it. A lot more benefits come after that. Since you own the software and you are the one in control, you do not have to worry about updating to the latest version to get new features and address any bug issues.

You dictate what you want to be added and subtracted from the software. You set which parts of it will be integrated into other applications. Ultimately, you are the one in control of any changes in both the aesthetics and functionality of the software.

Possible Marketability

An organization will trust software that has been proven and tested by another organization who may have the same issues in their company. This means that even if you paid for a custom software for your company, you can make a profit from it by turning it into a pre-made software to sell to other businesses. Moreover, you get credibility for being the initiator of a solution for an industry with similar issues as yours.


If an experienced company designs your custom software properly, it could then be easily integrated with other applications or you can hire IT services in Dublin to help you with it. This promotes better efficiency and wider universality of your workflow in the company.