Exhibitions and fairs can be a great idea to expand the sales of your business.  During such events, you can easily contact with your potential customers and other business people. Every year, various B2B conferences, events, fairs, and exhibitions take place. What makes these events valuable for your company is the possible improvement in the visibility of your brand.

A fair is a marketing event where goods and services in a specific industry are displayed and manifested to other people bonded with similar interests or businesses. Exhibitions are similar to fairs, but the audience is usually more general public. Fairs and exhibitions are handy marketing tools. However, not all companies benefit from them. Take into account your business situation and conduct an investigation before signing your company in a fair or exhibition.

1. Well decorated stand

The stands for fairs must be visually attractive and stand out among the multitude of other proposals. The visually attractive exhibition is vital to capture the care of the visitor. It is not about attracting attention in any way, but to do it following the style of your brand and your business proposal. With a professional exhibition stand, you will achieve that the visitor is the one who approaches your company. It is said commonly known that the first impression is never forgotten, so if you are about to present your product or service you should buy a professional exhibition stand. For example, at ExpoCart website.

Take good care of the aesthetics of your stand, think of a place where people want to be for several minutes, enough to convince them that you are the brand they are looking for. Do not set tables that look like barriers between the company; on the contrary, make them feel comfortable and feel the brand close.

2. Your brand must be visible at all time

Never leave any advertising piece without putting the logo and contacts on it. Today consumers or users are engaged in carrying a subsequent investigation to what they perceived on your stand. This possibility will be accurate to give you post-sale attention.

Also, it is important to provide specific, visible solutions that it is seen at all times from different angles and in an effective manner. And all this without losing sight of the attractiveness of the stand and the surprise factor.

3. Your business must be well identified

You can’t assume that people already know the name and experience of your brand. We recommend you to share the necessary information so that everyone will know the answers for the essential questions. All stand designs must inform what kind of service you offer, what product you sell and if there are special promotions, highlight them.

4. Corresponding materials

Since the exhibitions are massive, it is often possible that not all the public will visit your stand (this varies depending on the size of the place where the exhibition takes place). That is the reason, why you always need to be prepared with personal cards that contain an attractive design. Take into account: material, type of letter, attractive design and the necessary information so that customers can get in touch with you easily.

Promotional material of any kind should be carefully crafted to reflect your company branding and values. You can find templates for postcards and flyers online or work with your internal design team to create enticing material for prospective clients visiting your booth.

It is also important that people responsible for promoting your stand are attractive, wear clean, formal clothes and all wear the same outfit as if it were a uniform. Some crucial points are: knowing your brand very well, convincing the client with the assurance that this is their best and only option.

5. Gifts and hostesses are essential

Unfortunately, the fact that people come for a gift or just for free samples is not a myth. Don’t let this surprise you, elaborate in advance a series of gifts that are useful for customers so they will approach you, and you can share all your data and specific information of their interests. As for the hostesses, study the personality of your brand and hire people who are in the same attunement. Host and hostesses should also have charisma and proper treatment of the client.