Isn’t it always a menace to have something missing from your desk? Maybe you don’t have that particular thing in the first place. Whatever it be, we all know that it’s best to keep the things we need most close by so we can readily make use of them when needed. In today’s article, we’ve shared our list of five items every businessman needs to have on his desk.

1.      Pre-Ink Stamp

Having a unique stamp is important for every businessman to have on his desk. However, the stamps should be pre-inked. Similar to self-inking stamps, both stamps are refillable, but pre-inked stamp gets the job done better. This is because they offer a more crisp impression when imprinted. An added benefit is that you don’t have to re-ink them between prints. One downside is that pre-ink stamps are expensive. If you haven’t yet customized an ink stamp at Dial A Stamp, you need to get this done now.


2.      A High Energy Snack

We all need the energy to carry out work; this brings us to our next point – energy snacks. All businessmen should have a high energy snack on their desk. This high energy snack can be nuts, cut carrots, or some fruits like an apple or bananas, and string cheese. The snack totally depends on you, but it’s best to snack on something that won’t create a mess and is simultaneously providing you with a good dose of energy and nutrients. Chewing gum is also a good option if you wish to get an immediate rush of glucose to keep you energized.


3.      Lint Brush

This next item on the list is vital for all those people who have pets. If you’re cautious about pet hair or even your own hair getting on your clean clothes, then keeping a lint brush is important. Many times people who hug you may have hair on them that can get onto your clothes without you evening knowing. So try to keep a lint brush nearby. Furthermore, if you feel like you don’t need a lint brush then keep a neat blazer nearby. The blazer has an added benefit of helping you look very professional in case an impromptu meeting is arranged.


4.      Sturdy Umbrella

Keeping a sturdy umbrella under your desk is quite essential. You may not have needed the umbrella earlier in the morning, but it’s two in the afternoon, and it has suddenly started raining. Instead of covering your head with your books or briefcase, you’ll have an umbrella to prevent you from getting wet. Moreover, in case you won’t be the one making your way outside, you can always lend it to someone else who needs it.


5.      Disposable Toothbrush and Socks

It’s vital to brush your teeth after eating foods that stain the teeth like coffee, tea and soda. Nevertheless you should brush your teeth after every meal in any case. Therefore, keep a disposable toothbrush with a good toothpaste locked up in a drawer. Also keep an extra pair of dry socks; if you suffer from sweaty feet, then this pair of dry socks will help you. Furthermore, keep in mind that anything is possible so you may want to keep a fresh underwear with you as well.