Startups need a robust online marketing strategy to take the business forward and establish themselves as key players in an industry niche. Most startups and small businesses today know the crucial role that online marketing plays in helping businesses succeed, and, as a result, they willfully and diligently invest in ongoing data-driven digital marketing initiatives.

If you have been doing it all on your own and not seeing the results you expected from your digital campaign, here are three tips for building a failure-proof marketing campaign for your startup.

Upgrade your website

Even if you don’t cater directly to end consumers, you need to have an excellent business website both in terms of design and user experience. Even startups serving B2B clients need a great website, but many don’t realize that. Your website is the face of your business, and it should get as much love and attention as do your core activities.

Do note that simply a great design is not enough, your website should offer superlative navigation; should give useful, crisp and error-free information; and each web page should be optimized with the right keywords and key phrases.

If the last bit left you baffled, read up a little about SEO optimization and the key role it plays in helping startups achieve their goals.

Use guest posting to get ahead

A guest post is an article published by your in-house SEO staff or digital agency on a high-authority website. By investing in a high-quality and result-oriented guest post service, you can multiply your outreach and reach your target customers through the most prestigious online platforms.

However, do remember that the content of each guest post should be high-quality and relevant to your niche audience, and it should establish your expertise without sounding like a sales pitch.

Guest posting is a specialized task and experienced guest-posting agencies have a well-connected network of popular websites with mass readership. For this reason, most business owners today opt for outsourcing guest posting rather than doing it in-house. This is because your internet marketing staff can only do so much, and they may not have the required technical knowledge to pull off a good guest-posting campaign.

Hire an experienced full-service internet marketing agency

Rather than struggling with DIY hits and misses and outsourcing some tasks to several different freelancers, outsource your digital marketing campaign to an experienced and reputable agency—contrary to popular perception, it might turn out cheaper than you think.

Full-service digital agencies such as submitcore offer high-quality marketing services at competitive pricing. Moreover, hiring a professional SEO agency that caters to startups has several advantages: you can pick and choose the marketing tools you want to use with each campaign, thus minimizing costs; you are assigned a dedicated account manager who has the knowledge and expertise to drive your campaign; you get the benefit of the agency’s resources and experience from serving clients in your niche; and the agency provides in-depth reports and data-driven analysis of your campaign.