project management

Photo by angeline veeneman, CC by 2.0

Successful project management is all about planning, execution, control and closure. Managing projects using social media is no exception. Due to the complexity of social media, the initial stages of project management are particularly important.

Today, the world’s largest business has already developed elaborate social media strategies to help advance their project management.

Establishing your presence on social media has never been so advantageous, hence we will discuss strategies which will help you built successful project management using social media.


Blogging is one the best ways to promote your project. Using blog posts to publish all the relevant information about the project ensures that the content is available to a wide audience of people. There is always the possibility to hire an experienced blogger to compose blog posts for you, and if not, consider having a social media expert in your project management team.

YouTube Videos

No matter the information you need, YouTube has videos about it, probably hundreds of thousands of videos. There is numerous project management related videos on YouTube. Microsoft, for example, has a Project & Portfolio Management: Future Vision channel on YouTube.

You definitively open your channel on YouTube and place videos related to your project.

Create Presentations on

SlideShare lets you create PowerPoint based presentations and other types of documents. Once you create the document or presentation, you can easily upload it on SlideShare. There are already thousands of project management related presentations so you can see how other project management teams are using the network and learn from their experience.

Find a Professional Audience on LinkedIn

One of the social media networks which are focused on creating a community of professional, LinkedIn is the right place to be. One of the greatest advantages is that you can find hundreds of project management professional in Project User Groups.


It does not have to take a lot of explaining to realize why Twitter is one of the most powerful social media today. Among the numerous features available for you to use in your project, is the ability to create hashtags which enable you to quickly connect with a specific audience.
Twitter list are a good way to promote your project in a meaningful manner. Lists groups Twitter users and can serve you to create a group of people who are tweeting about project management related topics.


It is almost inevitable to use Facebook if you plan running a successful project management. Facebook has to offer pages where you can explore project management methodology. Project Management Institute on Facebook and Facebook for Project Management.

One of the first step you will want to take is to create a professional looking Facebook page. This is the best way to connect to people and actively share your content and discuss the project.

A good idea is to have several members of your team as admins for the page so that it can always be updated with relevant content.

Connect and Share on Google+

Google+ has a lot of project management related content. If you have a project management company, creating a profile on Google+ should be on your to-do list. Google+ has a clean looking interface and it easy to navigate through posts. Create and customize a community group for your project. Be sure to include ‘project management’ in your community name so that it can perform strongly in search results.

Wiki Pages

This is a simple, but still a powerful way to use to benefit your project. Wiki pages can be created quickly and easily and are also completely open for modification. It is a very flexible way of sharing important information, perfect for using it as your team’s workbook.

Discuss the Project On Quora

Quora is easy to use and can be a great tool to post interesting discussions about project management. Another good thing to know is that posts on Quora feature prominently in search rankings. If you know how to use SEO in your content strategy, discussing the project on Quora can greatly contribute to your project.

Connect Your Website to Social Media

Presuming you already have a website, you should include hurry and connect it to all major social media as a part of designing your content strategy. You can check some websites for help.

A good content marketing professional knows that posting relevant information on your web page is that matter. Ensure that social media buttons are located on the prominent place on your website’s homepage. Go even further and encourage your visitors to share and discuss the project on their social media profiles and your Facebook page, for example.

You thus generate traffic between your website and social media page(s) and people can interact with the project more easily.