While there are various platforms to look over, just a couple of these is the best blogging platforms. Right now, we have explored the 10 best blogging platforms for 2020. This would give you a better plan to pick the best blogging app for your next site. Choose your blogging platform very wisely.


WordPress is the most famous WordPress platform for individuals looking for adaptability and control. This version of WordPress is offered by

Established in 2003, WordPress is the quickest developing CMS, with more than 37 million sites and more than 500 sites grew day by day.

It has a significantly large and dynamic network of autonomous owners who continually grow new items like articles, plug-ins, and growth.

Nonetheless, this does not imply that if you are not a developer, you cannot meet the necessities of your blog. You should simply know – which basic plugins to install and you are good to go.

To begin on self-facilitated WordPress you will need to:

Register a domain name with a space enlistment centre

Pick a hosting with a hosting organization,

Download and install WordPress on your hosting server


  • You have complete control of your blog.
  • Installing WordPress takes only a single tick.
  • Simple customization because of thousands of plugins and subjects.


  • It has vast options to control and hard for beginners.
  • Security issues may emerge from the plugins.

Pricing of This Platform

WordPress is allowed to download and install on your web server. Be that as it may, to get your blog ready for action, you will need to put in a couple of bucks on various things.

You may likewise contract a web developer when you do not have a lot of coding experience to help and rush the usage of the venture.

WordPress offers the premium themes for our blogging some of them are below.

  1. Tumbler

Tumblr or “Tumbler” as you should call, is somewhat unique to other blogging platforms on this list.

Not at all like different platforms that obscure the line between a completely fledged site and a blog, Tumblr is the best microblogging platform with person-to-person communication features. This means, with Tumblr, you post and individuals interrelate with your content by remarking, preferring, and sharing.

Much the same as in an internet-based life platform, content is all the more short-structure, for example, a picture, jokes, video, jokes, or Spotify tracks.

You can likewise follow different online journals and make alters on your blog and profile. For instance, you can include your headshot, logo, and change the topic to make your computerized space livelier.

If your fundamental goal is to construct a visual blog, at that point Tumblr could be the best blogging platform to begin. The best part is that you do not have to see any programming dialects, for example, HTML and CSS to begin.

Tumblr is an ideal platform for bloggers who need to gain proficiency with the ropes on the best way to set up a website. It is additionally a perfect spot for bloggers who wish to share how-to based content and instructional exercises.


  • It is extremely simple to set-up and uses
  • It coordinates long range informal communication includes and permits you to follow different websites
  • The platform offers incredible customization features
  • As a microblogging platform, it makes it simple to blog sound, GIFs, Video, and pictures


  • It is restricted with regards to the number of features it offers
  • Moving your Tumblr blog to another platform is incredibly troublesome
  • It does not offer a choice to adapt your blog


Tumbler is allowed to utilize this and you will never need to share your credit card, PayPal, or bank data to use Tumblr. Be that as it may, you have to invest in certain expenses if you choose to utilize some outsider features.

  1. Blogger 

Established in 1999, Blogger is one of the most established blogging platforms. In 2003, it was obtained by Google, and it has since fashioned a huge client base, making it one of the most recognizable Blogging platforms.

Making a blogging profile on Blogger is too simple if you have a Google account. You should simply pick a title, domain, format, and post.

You do not need to blog using your real names. Yet, if you need, you can associate your Google+ profile to Blogger.

Since it centres 100% around blogging, Blogger offers almost nothing with regards to content optimization. In any case, the platform is extremely simple to utilize, and its moderate interface is very simple. You additionally do not need to stress over specialized hosting or security issues since everything is dealt with by the organization.

On a more extensive degree, Blogger gives a comprehensive site/blog building arrangement contrasted with other blogging platforms where you need to purchase, install, and oversee various parts of your site.


  • It is owned by the world’s greatest tech organization.
  • It is free forever. All you require is a Google account.
  • Simple to use with an instinctive interface consequently an extraordinary platform for apprentices to begin blogging


  • It has restricted plan choices and fewer subjects.
  • It is anything but difficult to get your blog suspended or dropped.
  • You cannot add new features to your blog.
  • It requires some investment to see new features or updates.

Valuing of This Platform

Blogger is 100% free. All you need is a Google record, and you are good to go. Be that as it may, you can buy a domain name if you have to use a custom domain.

  1. Wix

WIX follows a free model. It is a cloud-based site-building and structure platform.

The best part, it is one of the least demanding to utilize platforms for non-coders.

Established in 2006, WIX controls more than 3.3 million sites and is one of the biggest site-building platforms today.

Even though it may have a lesser client base than WordPress, it is one of the most steady, highlight rich and easy to use a blog and site-building platforms.

You can begin on WIX by simply utilizing the WIX Editor or the Wix ADI mode. With the WIX editorial manager, you can pick a layout, create a structure for your blog, and later fill it with content.

The WIX ADI utilizes an adaptable blog with content, pictures, and video content. Both of these instruments are incredible for individuals with no related knowledge in website architecture.


  • Easy to utilize.
  • You can begin for nothing.
  • Various features to modify your blog.
  • You get a domain name when you buy into their premium plans.


  • Troublesome advertisements with the free plan.
  • Configuration layouts are difficult to change.

Pricing of This Platform

Dissimilar to WordPress, when analyzed, WIX is an across the board web designer. Everything is set in one bundle.

With WIX, you should simply join on their official site and begin your blog. You can decide to go either with the free bundle or one of their paid plans.

The free arrangement gives you access to an enormous number of site-building instruments, for example, the WIX Editor, ADI, and formats.

  1. Ghost

Ghost is a blogging platform that depends on a moderate and fresh interface. Not at all like WordPress, Ghost is absolutely a blogging interface, and in this manner, it does not control a wide cluster of sites.

You can use Ghost in two unique manners. To begin with, you can let your blog to be facilitated on their foundation or install it on a web hosting server.

What you will see about Ghost platforms is the exquisite, basic, and mess less structure and format that it offers. This means it is unimaginable for you or the user to get diverted.

Aside from that, Ghost’s fundamental centre is content creation. This settles on it a pined for decision for writers, bloggers, and magazines.

The platform is likewise worked for SEO. It offers fundamental SEO features, for example, AMP pages, Metadata, Canonical labels, and XML sitemaps. You, thusly, do not have to buy any extra plugins.

By and large, Ghost is an extraordinary decision if you need to grandstand your ability in content creation. Also, it permits consistent application mix utilizing Zapier or the Ghost Public API.


  • Ghost sites are really quick since they use CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • You get various social sharing choices, so no compelling reason to install any social sharing module.
  • No requirement for SEO plugins since Ghost offers worked in SEO features.
  • It is anything but difficult to make content optimized for UI.


  • It is costly for beginners.
  • Hosting is not free.
  • It offers a predetermined number of topics.
  • You have to figure out how to code to have better control of your blog.

Pricing of This Platform

Not at all like other blogging platforms on the list, Ghost is a top-notch optimisation that offers diverse membership plans.

Each arrangement offers a multi-day time for testing. The beneficial thing about these plans is that you can utilize a custom domain, free SSL certificate, updates, and email support, among different features.

  1. Medium

Propelled in 2012, Medium is all the more a network-based blogging platform and to a lesser degree a customized blog. This implies with Medium, you post your content, and individuals offer, as, and remark. It works progressively like Tumblr.

At Medium, readers and users express their points of view on different subjects, for example, innovation, society and human advancement, Business, Health, Relationships, Design, and the sky is the limit from there.

Besides, Medium is a facilitated platform, and you get a free sub-domain and SSL certificate. They additionally offer a paid participation program where you get paid if you add to their content. Besides that, the payment you get depends on how many people like your content.

With regards to usability, Medium offers incredible article includes that guarantee that you can distribute your content. Alongside that, you can likewise monitor any progressions you make on your posts just as interlink your posts.

The main drawback with Medium is that you can not add a custom domain, or run your blog on an alternate server.


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • No problem, if you do not have any coding abilities.


  • Adapting a Medium blog is not simple since you do not claim the content.
  • Structuring your blog is difficult and it is also difficult to build a brand.
  • You cannot use your domain name.

Pricing of This Platform

First of all, Medium is allowed to utilize. Be that as it may, if you have to get to the best content, you can move up to premium enrollment.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the most well-known site-building platforms that lets you assemble an awesome looking site without realizing how to code. The platform right now controls more than 40 million sites on the web.

With regards to structure and customization, Weebly offers probably the most attractive layouts that are naturally versatile responsive. Be that as it may, if you can, in any case, buy a subject from an autonomous designer to improve your client experience.

Also, you can add greater usefulness to your blog by visiting the Weebly App Center, where you can get an assortment of completely incorporated, a single tick establishment instruments.

For the most part, Weebly offers an amicable client experience that permits you to set up and redo your blog very quickly. So you do not need to stress over page formats and configurations since the greater part of the structures are completely adaptable.


  • Very easy to understand. You can use it very easily.
  • The platform is allowed to use by beginners.


  • The quantity of topics and formats is constrained in the free arrangement.
  • You should utilize a sub-domain if you do not have your custom domain.

Pricing of This Platform

Regardless of Weebly offering a starter plan for essential use, it additionally offers different designs for site owners who need further developed features. The paid plans are- the lowest is ($5/month), Pro ($12/month), Business ($25/month), and Business Plus ($38/month). All plans are charged every year.

  1. Joomla

Joomla, much the same as, is an open-source content optimization programming that is exceptionally mainstream among web developers. The platform is self-facilitated, which implies you need to download the product and install it on a web hosting server.

You can download the CMS from The downloading and establishment process takes just a couple of moments. Notwithstanding, the specialized viewpoint that accompanies the arrangement procedure is more perplexing than that of WordPress however less difficult than that of Drupal.

For instance, with WordPress, you just need to pick a hosting optimisation, register a domain, and install WordPress, Log in to your WordPress account.

As should be obvious, WordPress offers more features. Joomla, then again, does not offer these sorts of custom offers, which imply you will need to do the vast majority of the stuff without anyone else.

Be that as it may, working with Joomla is too simple since a large portion of the required plugins, instruments, and instructional exercises are offered in the bounty.

The platform additionally offers incredible SEO abilities generally, because it produces well-disposed URLs and because it empowers you to set meta-depictions and keywords for new content.

By and large, Joomla offers a perplexing platform for bloggers who need to develop and learn. Be that as it may, the platform can be scary for bloggers who are simply beginning.


  • The platform is anything but difficult to install.
  • It offers a great many free plugins.
  • The extensive route framework makes it simple to oversee sites with numerous pages.
  • You can refresh the platform from your internet browser.


  • The platform has a lofty expectation to learn and adapt subsequently not suggested for new clients.
  • Joomla offers constrained choices with regards to formats and free structures.
  • Certain plugins may have similarity issues.

Pricing of This Platform

Like we referenced above, Joomla is a self-facilitated platform and you will need to acquire some fundamental costs, for example, web hosting and domain enrollment. This implies the expense is reliant on the supplier you will pick.

  1. Squarespace 

Squarespace is a SaaS site-building and support device. To utilize the optimisation, you pay a month to month membership expense.

Much the same as Wix, Squarespace is an across the board optimisation.

With Squarespace, the way toward setting up is amazingly simple. You should simply visit the Squarespace site and sign up.

As far as to plan, Squarespace offers decent, and probably the most expert looking formats contrasted with most other contending web designers in its group, for example, Wix. Be that as it may, the quantity of formats or topics offered by Squarespace is restricted, which is a significant disadvantage contingent upon the kind of site you are attempting to construct.

Squarespace offers effortlessness and usability for clients who need to begin blogging.


  • Content altering is overly simple, because of the intuitive instrument.
  • A simple platform for new clients.
  • You can begin for nothing.


  • There is a set number of layouts.

Pricing of This Platform

Squarespace is an across the board site-building arrangement. This implies you get:

Completely managed cloud hosting

Free-custom domain

Search engine optimization features for site visibility

Squarespace offers four plans, in particular:

  • The Personal plan that costs $16/month
  • The Business plan that costs $26/month
  • The Basic plan costs $30/month and,
  • Propelled Commerce plan that costs $46/month

This is the other platform of WordPress that is accessible at

The significant part, it is likewise 100% free. In any case, the free form offers restricted features. For you to get to an expansive scope of features, for example, custom plugins, email support and topics, and SEO devices, you have to choose your favoured arrangement and pay a reasonable month to month membership.

With facilitated WordPress, you do not have to purchase any different hosting optimisation because your site is facilitated on the WordPress servers. Also, you get boundless out-of-the-case usefulness.

Be that as it may, facilitated WordPress is a smidgen less of an all-adjusted site-building arrangement.


  • Simple and quick to set-up.
  • Simple to follow.
  • You can utilize it for nothing with a WordPress sub-domain.


  • You do not possess the blog. This implies your blog or site can be suspended whenever by WordPress.
  • No adaptation choices.
  • Limited features in the free arrangement.

Pricing of This Platform

Like we referenced above, is free. Be that as it may, the free arrangement offers you restricted features.

If you need your blog to develop, we suggest going for an excellent membership plan. The superior plans include:

  • Individual Plan – $4/month
  • Premium Plan – $8/month
  • Business Plan – $25/month
  • Web-based business Plan – 45/month

Note that all plans are charged yearly.

  • Conclusion

Here we have discussed our top 10 best platforms for website hosting and blogging. Each platform has Pros and Cons. Choose your best blogging app and platform for your website.