The concept that make own logo design is an easy and straightforward job, is utterly a misconception many designers believe before starting their careers in this profession. For further clearance let’s state that a logo does not only comprise of a number of bold and fancy colors and texts displayed in different fonts. A logo is a brand identity that differentiates a company from its competitors, also that a logo is more visible and recognizable than the brand name itself.
In that matter, what essential things do we consider in order to fabricate the perfect logo? Let’s see the aspects to cater in this article.

1. To Make own logo design: Simplicity at its best

Let’s take it simple: the logo should be as simple as possible! Do note a logo is not a testing canvas to gauge your designing and typography skills, rather it is more of an assessment of your aesthetic sense and design philosophy. Take the logo of Apple or Nike for example.

make own logo design

You can see companies not always require adding the brand name or a slogan to stick with the logo design. But we can recognize the above two as Apple and Nike without a second thought. The logos can be used from the biggest banners to the smallest brochures, or even remove the brand name altogether, but we still will be able to recognize the identity. Now that is simplicity!

On the other hand, an overly congested or complex logo not only makes the visibility hard, but also struggles intensely to engage with the audience as desired. Remember, a logo is an emblem, and not a word manifesto.

2. Appeal should cater varied audience

Being adaptive and flexible becomes the root for long-term success, let it be for design, art or content. In short, a logo design service provider or simply a logo needs to be dynamic in their approach, rather than static. Being stiff in the design not only limits your creativity but also restricts any further improvement or innovation in an existing logo. And when there is no room for innovation, the design is guaranteed on its way to failure.

make own logo design

However, it’s not that designers tend to change their logos made every other day. But the design should be flexible in nature. The point of flexibility is to capture the attention of a plethora of customers and eventually tempt a larger target market into acquiring the brand. Remember, customers come with different needs and preferences, so being able to cater that element is all powerful for any diverse-natured logo design service provider.

3. Versatility in the logo design

Versatility is one of the most potent weapons you can install in your logo. For instance, a logo which looks great in billboards, but ugly on notepads or business cards does not justify versatility.
Further, a versatile make own logo design of colors. In other words, a logo fitting best with the colors displayed in a color palette should also go well with a traditional black and white mixture, besides the colors incorporated in the original design.

Take the random design below for example, where different color schemes used display their own visual appeals.

make own logo design

4.To Make own logo design: Uniqueness is the key

Not only a plagiarized content, but a copied logo is also as good as nothing. So how to add the uniqueness factor? Never copy an existing design and come up with a never-used-before concept that expels uniqueness from all corners.

Again, what better example than Apple? Yes, an HD picture of an apple fruit is nature at its most beautiful, but is the image unique? Absolutely ‘No’!
Well, how about it we consider a bitten apple for instance? Yes, the element of distinctiveness is now here!

make own logo design

The point is quite easy to grasp. A tasty yet common apple is not eye-catchy, rather if we talk about the official Apple logo on iPhones, iPads, iPod, etc. being one of the most iconic images in the digital industry. Rather than stressing hard in order to come up with a wild idea, it is best if designers produce out-of-the-box concepts that enlists all the elements needed to make a successful and marketable logo in the industry. A word to the wise: this is the real test to measure your creative thinking!

5. Portray a story

Every logo has a message to express. If you are merely staring at the lines and art of the logo, then you are simply overlooking the hidden story it has to tell. An ideal and professionally made logo has a couple of stories to tell, one the obvious and glaring one, the second, a hidden and meaningful one.
Typically clients will come to a designer asking to design them an innovative and cool-looking logo, and it is your job to design them a piece that illustrates a much deeper meaning apart from a common mesh of bold colors and artwork. The better the story a logo depicts, the more willingly customers will form a positive perception about the brand in their mind.

make own logo design

Take the logo of Toyota for example, and locate the three ovals and the fancy ‘T’. It may just look a bunch of overlapped geometric shapes in the first look, but as per Toyota, the three ovals has their own distinct meaning. The center ovals feature trust and faith between the employees and the company, while the outer or engulfing oval showcases the global expansion intentions of Toyota.

The negative space accompanying the outer oval as the limitless reach of the company, while looking at the logo on the whole, is an obvious steering wheel—symbol pertaining to road vehicles only.


Acquiring the basics of Photoshop or any other top designing software may seem enough to design a killer logo, but having the right mindset and purpose behind a concept is the first priority logo design service companies need to understand. Designers can follow the above considerations in their professional work and get ready to create a master design only to exceed expectations of the clients or the performance of a brand.


make own logo design

David is a graphic designer who loves to work on new and inspirational designs. He loves to write about stuff when he is not working on any projects. Currently he is working in Logo Glaze, a digital designing and branding company.