Being a professional graphic designer in the field of graphics is great. Whether you are associated with a digital design agency or you are working independently as a freelancer, your clients always expect you to combine all your ideas and creativity to create a visual masterpiece.

5 Best Graphic Design Hacks for Your Website.

Despite possessing years of experience in graphic design, there comes a challenging situation, when you find it difficult to complete a project for no reason. This doesn’t mean you are lacking the right skills. Rather, it indicates the need of knowing some design hacks you must know.

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Here I am sharing five simple design hacks, which will help graphic designers not only to complete projects efficiently but also save their time.

Learn to Blend Contrasting Fonts

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The font is one among the three components of any graphic draft. To stand out a simple design, designers usually merge contrasting fonts. However, mixing different font faces is an art and can be performed accurately after following the rule of thumb.

According to this principle, if you are intending to use two different fonts, always select the fonts with high contrast. Contrasting fonts adjust each other and efficiently become a design component.

Figure out to Balance Colors within a Design

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As we know the color is a fundamental part of any visual layout, which makes any layout pleasant. However, to create the right effect, you must know the rules of picking up right hues and use of color picker tool to get the six digit hex code (recognizes the correct shades on the shading wheel).

To isolate the most appropriate hue for font and borders, you should pick the colors in the image used in a pattern. Afterward, you can use these pallets to create outlines, shaded borders and fonts in design.

Comprehend to Present Information with Shapes and Icons

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Shapes and icons, if used creatively help to represent maximum information in a creative and interesting form. You may use it either to create an instructive infographic and social media posts. You may also use it to create header images for a site and blog.

Understanding the use of shapes and icons will encourage you to think outside the box and enable you to deliver original work every time.

Work out to fix Color Issues in Image

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Use of suitable image is mandatory in graphic design. Images are capable of communicating information visually. All you need is to decrease and increase the color intensity and brightness in original picture accordingly to best fit your theme.

In case your design needs vivid and bright images, you can increase the saturation to make hues richer in the chosen image. Or you can also decrease saturations to achieve muted and washed-out appearance. Whatever you do the adjust image hues, you must aim to perfect fit in the layout.

Learn the use Transparent Icons and Grid Images

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Being a professional you must be aware of the use of Canava tool. This tool is used to create backgrounds and format common pictures creatively. The best part of using Canava is its capability to process images and graphical shapes to create a professional impact.

You can use this tool to create contrasting backgrounds for a design after creating an eye-catching grid or making shapes slightly transparent.

Conclusion: These simple design hacks will help both beginners and experienced graphic
designers to maintain not only uniqueness in their work but also don’t let them short of ideas.

Author Bio:

Rebecca is a Graphic Designer at a graphic design outsourcing company. Design Back Office that offers ultimate design solutions from the logo, website, and brochure designing to animation and stationery designing. She is a professional Web and Graphic Designer having more than 2 years of experience. She also likes to write about Technology and Marketing.