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Angularjs directive template function example

Continuation to Angularjs introduction, today we will discuss about template and angularjs directive function. What is a template? , yes template is nothing but html code, Which combines the information from controllers and model, here When user submit the request,…
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Angularjs Introduction

Now a day’s most of the users showing interest in single page applications, suddenly a doubt strikes in your mind, what is single page application (SPA)? So let me explain in detail about single page apps, Google employee started the…
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How to integrate custom template in codeigniter?

Today I will explain about template functionality of codeigniter and how to integrate custom template in codeigniter. Now let’s start with folder structure of codeigniter framework. Here in the above folders just move to applications -> libraries folder, under libraries…
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Pagination using codeigniter

Today I will explain about pagination using codeigniter, now we will create a controller file as ektree.php . Here we will load default pagination library and model in constructor and now we will go to display_pagination function .

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